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Lineage 2: The Kamael / Hellbound
Transformations Quest Wallkthrough

Transformations Guides
Lineage 2 CT1 Kamael / Hellbound

In order to undergo under a Transformation you will need in the first place to make the quest below, called "More then meets the Eye", to receive your first FREE transformation skill. The rest of the transformations cost. Read bellow to find out what are the requirements.

1. Transformation Quest

More then meets the Eye

The quest starts in Hardins Academy, and it's called “More than meets the eye”.

lineage 2 kamael transformations








Once you started the quest,you will have to go visit Dark Elf Magíster Errickin in Hunters Village.

lineage 2 kamael transformations
















He will say that you have to kill Mirrors and Ghosts in Forrest of Mirrors (you can travel by common GK from Hunters) in order to get 35 ectoplasmas.

lineage 2 kamael transformations
















It`s pretty easy to kill them , the problem is that not every mob drops 1 quest item. It`s again another of those quests that just wastes your time.

Once you get them, you bring them back to Errickin and he will send you back to Hardins

When you talk to hardins, he will send you to Magíster Clayton in Dion Castle Town. You will find him in the dark elf guild.
Clayton will say that he needs 5 Mordeo Crystals, which you can get killing Mordeos in Cruma tower.

lineage 2 kamael transformations











Mordeos are lvl 41 mobs so they won't be any trouble. You go back to Clayton and he sends you to Hardins again.

You get back to hardins and the quest ends. The most annoying part is over. When you finish it, the reward is the right to talk to Avant Garde, who is the NPC where you can learn all the transformations. You can find him in the 2nd Floor human wizard guild of Ivory Tower.

When you complete the queste 'More than meets the eye' you also get a Sealbook (which are the 'spelbooks' for the transformations). You get the Onyx Beast Sealbook

To learn the transformation skill, its like learning any other skill. You talk to the NPC, and use the Learn skill option. Avant Garde has a lot of transformation skills to learn but you have to get the appropiate sealbook in order to learn them.

lineage 2 kamael transformations











Transformation lasts 28 minutes. (you can choose to cancel the current transformation at any time) and during that time, you wont be able to use your class skills, only the chosen transformation ones. Your def and atk stats will correspond to your weapon and armor.

2. How to get the rest of the sealbooks/transformations

Death Blader

You can get the sealbook with 660 000 Ancient Adena at any Black Marketeer of Mammon.

lineage 2 kamael transformations













You can get the following sealbooks trading them for Life Crystals:

Apostle Grail can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in the Gludin Village
Unicorn: can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in Oren Castle Village
Lilim Knight can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in Oren Castle Village
Golem Guardian can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in Schuttgart Castle Village
Inferno Drake can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in Schuttgart Castle Village
Dragon Bomber can be purchased from the Guild Adventurer NPC in Aden Castle Village

Check out the Video at the end of the article to see the transformations in effect

lineage 2 kamael transformations







3. How to get Life Crystals

Life Crystals you get by killing Raid Bosses or buying them from other players. Life crystals aren't difficult to find, because they are no other than the former 'Clan Skill Eggs ' which you get killing a raid boss, like Dragon's Heart, Angelic Escence, Memento mori, etc. that were used to get clan skills.

To get Life Cristals for the sealbooks, you can trade those raid drops with the Adventures Guildman in this proportion:

For example
Dragons Heart A-Grade = 10 Life Crystals Dragons Heart
Dragons Heart B Grade = 4 Life Crystals Dragons Heart
Dragons Heart C Grade = 2 Life Crystals Dragons Heart

lineage 2 kamael transformations








Quest Finished. Enjoy Your Transformations.

Kamael Transformations Video:











New Kamel Hellbound Divine Class Transformations











Kamael Hellbound Normal Transformations