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Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
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Updated Game Guides & Quests
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Pagan Temple Wallkthrough

Pagan Temple Walkthrough
How to enter, open doors and get reward

The Pagan Temple, a place of ultimate evil being that pull the strings behind our world of aden and elmore, who even do human (and elf, d. elf, dwarf and orc as well) sacrifices for Pagan in the name of Triol, is now available for brave warriors and wizards.

In order to enter the temple you have to do 2 quests.

Quests to do:
1. Truth Beyond the Gate
2. Through the Gates Once More

3. Seekers of The Holy Grail - reward ews/eas/adena

The creatures awaiting you down there are partially undead and all at least level 80 or above. Minimum level for the quests is 73 anyway.

Get a full party, make sure you have support, healer of cov party without healer, go to the first rooms inside, and farm like crazy. The mobs give very good xp, it`s one of the best places to farm.

Once you entered, you need Anteroom Keys to open Anteroom Doors (target doos and use the key, may fail) and later on Keys of Darkness to open the Door of Darkness (same usage as Anteroom Keys, may fail)! These keys are only usable when you are NOT in silent move!

Some of the featured drops:
Scroll of Escape to Rune Township
Scroll of Escape - Ketra Orc Village
Scroll of Escape - Varka Silenos Village
Scroll of Mystic Empower
Scroll of Windwalk
Black Treasure Chest [Content may be Premium Fish Oils]
Anteroom Key
Key of Darkness
Lifestones lvl 76 (no - top grade)
Einhasad's Holy Water
Elixir of CP (s grade)

the holy water has been wiped from the velociraptors and is now only in Pagan temple available!

In front gate awaits you the Triol's Boss Benom and in the deph the Queen Shyeed (RB). Cradle of Creation has been added as primary clan related drop to the Queen Shyeed (shyeed bow will follow as well).

+: Undead high mobs, good adena, several items
-: Kinda maze, 2 quests to enter needed, some mobs 4x HP