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Hellbound Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
one of these end game sets? We got
the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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More then 120 Wallpapers...
Our wallpaper database is constantly
beeing updated. It also features
custom made ones. Don`t miss it!

sexy elf femalevalakas

sexy elf female wings elf angelgladiator lineage 2

Updated Game Guides & Quests
Some very interresting and usefull
game guides and Quests have been
added, don`t miss them.
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Lineage 2 Faster Loading Textures Mod
And Wallhack / Drop Patch / Aggro Mode and More

Lineage 2 Faster Loading Textures Mod
And Wallhack / Drop Patch / Aggro Mode and More

This is a Mod pack for Lineage. Works with all official/unofficial Lineage 2 servers (after IP change in L2.ini) , not possible to be discovered by GM.
Works only on Interlude (C6)

- New textures
- Fast load mod
- added new aliases to popular commands
- Added new commands
- Changed key settings
- Drop Patch pro (x2 rates) LOT of informations
- Aggro Patch
- Game guard turned off
- Other

1. Install game
2. Install your server patches
3. Copy files from patch to Lineage2 folder
4. Change IP in L2.ini using l2enc (if you don`t know how to do it, delete this file, but you will have Fast Load mod OFF)
5. Play

Click here to DOWNLOAD

Whats it used for:

1. New textures for characters

2. Fast Load mod v 1.1
-Game is no longer waiting for loading all textures or sounds (even if they are off) what happen of default setting. New terrains will load 50% faster. There could be postloading effect (little lag) after char appearing, but you can operate your character after shorter period of time after teleport
-changed default buffer for game from 32 to 400MB, once visited locations will remain in RAM, it cause almost imediately teleport to those locations. 800mb can handle half of world of lineage.
it wont work if we have less than 512mb, it can obviously make gameplay worse. Prepared for fast computers, if you have a slow one - there is no tricks which can help

3. New aliases to popular commands
New aliases insteat of older. Older won't work.
Actual list:




4. New commands and new key setting
WARNING: to make it work you have to select "Enter chat" & "Auto code"
After changing you can write ingame by:
like in any other game

"-" and "+" -> perspective change
"*" and "/" -> camera level change
"7" -> normal video
"8" -> wallhack
"9" -> day/night change
"4" -> auto-run in camera pointing directory
"5" -> hide character (only on our screen)
"6" -> show character (our screen only)
"1" -> tactical camera ON/OFF
"2" -> show hide fps/bandwith monitor
"3" -> Highlight NPC/Players/Items
"." -> Fog ON/OFF (several locations may not work)

"Backspace" -> set gamma same as on desktop
"UP" and "Down" -> zoom
"Page Up" and "Page Down" -> lower perspective switch

5. Drop Patch

6. Aggro mob
Shows if mob is aggro or not

7. Game guard turned off
You can run sniffing software

8. Other
A lot of other addons: incrasing view distance, turned off keyboard character sterring, mob/players view range incrased to MAX and other



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