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Wondering how to get your hands on
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Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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Live up to the challenge

Door opens 0.00 gametime, closes 0.12 game time. Small window for entry. Break parties before enterring door, this is because if you dont 50% will dc back to giran, move inside just far enough so everyone gets inside before door closes, do not proceed further. Zaken is aggro and you can aggro him from this position.

If you do, have one tank drag him deep into the ship and die, you can rez/brez him later. Next wait 1 hour realtime until 6am gametime then proceed deeper and find the pirate. Best to have a tank group with at least 3 tanks. Zaken randomly ports people who hit him about his ship usually into rooms filled with mobs. He also drains mp and hp.

how to kill zaken guide

This gives you 2 more tanks after the main tank is ported before the shit hits the fan. 2-3 parties of nukers/bd/rechargers should do the trick for killing him, just keep them as far from him as possible. Take a few melees to deal with additional mobs to let the nukers just take zaken. Zaken randomly ports himself about the ship especially after taking damage.

The ship has 3 floors and about 6 rooms per floor + corridors. On the north side of the ship are the stairs up/down. After he ports find him quickly, his regen is fast. Last thing to remember is to call a stop hit when hes low hp to allow the party carrying the crystals to finish him off. Zaken lvls crys 10-12 @ 100%, 9 crystals possible to the last hit group.

Most dont like this raid as its designed for people 60-65 and takes quite some time. Many are put off by the 1 hour of nothingness sitting just inside the door, but this is necessary as during the night zaken is practically unkillable.

Nukers are definately preferable to melee for zaken. He doesnt seem to port nukers about his ship so much, melees get ported almost all the time. In c4 we took a 77+SD with us to round up the lost people, I dont know if that tactic is still valid or if the bd gets raid cursed, but i suspect any mob inside ship counts as a minion of zaken so will probably cause raid curse