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Conquer the Emerald Field

Conquer the Emerald Field

Conquer the Emerald Field lineage 2 guide

Requirement: After finishing "House of Darkness" and recieved "contaminated crystal"
Reward: Blue crystal (required item to enter Balor)

What You Need
3 or more of Key of secret garden
1 dagger class (find, remove trap skill is must)


*Buffs: Maximum of dark resist buffs, holy, unholy, divine protection
*Dances and songs: fury, fire, warrior / vital, earth, hunter, song of invocation

  1. Select Road of steam & emerald field from oracle guide
  2. Requires obtaining "Blue Coral Keys" from house of crystals
    (drops from monster "Guard of Square Rostan" with tree symbol, do not spoil)
  3. Hunt all monsters in the field (while hunting, total of 2 crystal golems gets summoned)
  4. Hunt the crystal golem (while hunting each one summons 1 minion with names)
  5. Hunt the monster named "TED"
  6. Hunt the monster named "DOST"
  7. After opening the secret door, hunt all the monsters inside the room.
    -Dagger's find trap skill will reveal one of the trap from 4 doors, use skill remove trap and open the door.
    -For your information, this room has the last named boss and blacksmith Rahm, you can purchase the mats and recipe for s80 amrmor with the seed from island of oracle.
  8. Hunt all the monster after openning the door of secret garden (total 3)
    -It is pain in the ass for the 3 doors of secret garden
    -Switch is near the door, when player with key approach the door, the key disappears and the door opens, and when player with key moves out of the range of the door, the door shuts right away.
    -So if you only have 3 keys and the player with the key accidentally shuts the door, you're screwed.
    -Player with key must remain near the door until other players hunt all the monsters inside the room, and DO NOT MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOOR.
    -It's recommanded to use PP to be the door man.

Entering the deepest part of the secret garden and killing the boss.

Boss - Denard (Lv.81)
Main skill - AOE debuff (bleed/para/poison)
Dark base monster - buffs and song/dance set to warrior
Choosing the fighting spot - dagger's skill find trap to find all the traps and choose a spot with least amount of traps is recommanded
It is possible to find all the traps but traps summon infinitly.
Dagger can use skill remove trap to help out the battle.


After killing the raid boss, you will recieve "Blue Crystal" needed to enter the Balor room
(24 hour respawn)



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