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The Chasm of Dreams Guide

The Chasm of Dreams Guide (video included)
Lineage 2 Gracia Plus

A new instanced dungeon, called "Chasm of Dreams", will be introduced in Gracia Plus. Basically it could be called an upgraded version of the Dimensional Rift dungeons, with the same atmosphere and style of artwork.

Access, however is much easier in the new dungeon, where Dimensional Fragments are no longer necessary for entering. Just talk to the Pathfinder Worker in any town - he will teleport you directly to the Chasm of Dreams.

The hunting rules in the Chasm of Dreams are more or less the same as in the Dimensional Rift. After you have entered a sub dungeon (Northern Chasm, Southern Chasm etc.), you have 40 minutes time. Like in the Dimensional Rift, there are several rooms per sub-Chasm, bigger ones as well as smaller "side rooms", and a party is teleported at random from one room to another every 8 minutes.

If you should not succeed in killing the Raid Boss within the 8 minute time limit, you can re-enter at any time and take up the challenge again. What is different from the Dimensional Rift is that there you have different zones, separated by level, while the Chasm of Dreams just has the restriction that one must be lvl 80 or above, or in other words, it's a break-through dungeon for the highest level players.

Now let's not talk any more about the similarities with the Dimensional Rift but take a detailed look at the Chasm of Dreams. The Administrator of Dreams that can be found in the center of each room there. The party leader has to talk to that device when you want to change rooms. You can give up the fight at any time.

The Chasm of Dreams consists of the Western Chasm, the Eastern Chasm, the Northern Chasm, the Southern Chasm, the Great Plaza Chasm and the Chasm of the Tower.

The 6 zones are separately set up for Nukers, Polers, Archers, and general Damage Dealers, so that ladies and gentlemen of all classes can play there:

  • Northern Chasm -> Poler Party
  • Southern Chasm -> Mage Party
  • Eastern Chasm -> Damage Dealer Party
  • Western Chasm -> Archer Party
  • Great Plaza Chasm -> Damage Dealer party
  • Chasm of the Tower -> Damage Dealer Party

The Guardians of each Chasm will tell you what kind of hunting ground the respective place is.

The Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Chasm

The Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Chasm are places where mainly small parties of 3 persons will go hunting. Healer-Damage Dealer duos - the minimum number for entry is 2 persons - are also a common sight, but with such a set-up the difficulty is a little high, so 3 person parties are to be preferred.

The monsters respawn relatively fast, and if you can not keep up a sufficient killing speed, death is looming ahead. When you bring a Shillien Saint who can both buff and heal, together with 2 Damage Dealers, the hunt will progress most smoothly.

gracia plus chams of dreams

Especially with the new skill link system where Shillien Saints can, by wisely choosing their 4 additional skills, become unified buffers/healers, they are expected to become the only support a small party will take along into the Chasm of Dreams. However, it might still take some time untill all players have become aware of the full implications of the skill link system (this does not include the Southern Chasm for mage parties).

The Great Plaza Chasm
The Great Plaza Chasm is typically done with a party of 5~6 persons: 1 Buffer, 1 Healer, 1 Singer, 1 Dancer and 2 or 3 Damage Dealers will be enough for the hunt. However, the degree of difficulty is a bit different in every room; you should pay special attention to the rather extraordinary ranged magical attacks of the Shamans and the Healers. Root and Sleep from the support classes and clear communication between party members ensure your safety and help to avoid casualties. All the monsters in the Great Plaza Chasm, the "Emptiness Invader" series, have a Dark attribute.

gracia plus chams of dreams

When you are doing the Great Plaza Abyss you may meet halfways through the lvl 84 Raid Boss Aenkinel, who is as easy to overcome as Anakazel in the Dimensional Rift. When you kill the "Corruptor of Dreams" you have a chance to get a full S-Grade item as a drop, and you will get a Treasure Chest as bonus. And you can level on her a Soul Crystal to Stage 14.

If you do not have sufficient fire power, you can have a Wolf assist the Grand Khavatari and the Doombringer and hunt under the protection of a well armed Tank and a Healer. Don't let the respawn speed of the monsters get the better of you!

The Chasm of the Tower
The Chasm of the Tower is a place where only the best Damage Dealers should go hunting. Drops and exp gained by hunting in there are also not bad. Therefore it is expected that many players will take up the challenge of the Tower Chasm.

Generally speaking, all the monsters in the Chasm of the Tower have a very high P.Atk. and P.Def; be especially wary of the Ghost Invader Soldiers and the Ghost Invader Archers. When a Ghost Invader Soldier is splitting into 5 clones who are attacking the players, eliminating them is very difficult. In the screenshot below you can see 5 Soldiers and 1 Ghost Invader Warrior all attacking at once. Such a situation means de facto that you will have to give up your Tower campaign.

gracia plus chams of dreams

A Ghost Invader Archer was inflicting on a lvl 82 Spectral Dancer who was wearing a Dynasty Heavy set with 180 Dark resist a damage of more than 4000 per arrow. Mage classes often get fatally hit while the monster itself never is in serious danger. The Song of Wind Storm of a Sword Muse and the Dance of Blade Storm of a Spectral Dancer, which both increase resistance against bow attacks, are absolutely necessary in that dungeon.

The side rooms of the Tower Chasm are relatively safe. But no matter whether a large room or a side room, a great number of Warrior monsters always means death. With Tanks who dont have the very best P.Def. or with a Soul Hound who has not learned the lvl 83 skill Lightning Shock it will be almost impossible to clear out the dungeon. Keep that in mind.

Although relatively weak mage monsters appeared, the Damage Dealers' fire power was not sufficient to keep up with the respawn rate of the monsters. The monsters became more and more and they couldn't get a grip on the situation.

Exp and Drops
Below you can see the exp obtained from killing a Nightmare Invader Warrior in the Eastern Chasm. On the Korean PTS, with an exp bonus of 400% and at Vitality 0 In a 2 person party 245,688 exp. On a live server, also at vitality 0, this would mean 61,422 exp per person in a duo.

From killing an Emptiness Invader Warrior with a 6 person party in the Great Plaza Chasm On the PTS and with a Vitality bonus of 200%, i.e. with a x8 bonus, 1,132,536 exp. On a live server at Vitality 0 this would be 141,567 exp per person in a 6 person party.

This kind of exp can be called excellent. In fact, on the Korean PTS the Chasm of Dreams was extremely popular . The exp is similar to the one you get with a Tully's Workshop party on Hellbound, but since you can teleport to the Chasm of Dreams via the Pathfinder Worker in any major town, and then you are directly at the dungeon, it is much more convenient. But keep in mind that this is all based on PTS data. The status of the Abyss may be downgraded any time (which would of course lead to a severe reduction in its popularity).

As far as the dropped items are concerned, there are key materials for Dynasty armor and other materials. In the Eastern Chasm u can get Sealed Dynasty Leather Glove Parts and Sealed Dynasty Gauntlets Parts as well as Cokes and High Grade Suede.

In the Chasm of the Tower there were Sealed Dynasty Tunic Parts and Sealed Dynasty Gauntlets Parts as well as Leonard, Adamantine and a lvl 80 Life Stone.

In addition to that there have been observed in all rooms of the Chasm of Dreams full drops of Dynasty armor pieces as well as drops of key materials for S-Grade and S80-Grade weapons.

Elemental Attributes
You should have on your armor a combination of resist Dark and resist Fire. First of all the monsters are all Demons and Undead, with a strong Dark attribute which requires appropriate protection. Apart from that the mage type monsters in every room are attacking with Fire magic against which you also need protection. They are using the same type of skill as a Sorcerer with Rain of Fire or an Archmage with Volcano.




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