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Kamael Plus Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
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the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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Updated Game Guides & Quests
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Beginners Guide
Small Incursion in The World of Lineage 2

The backround fiction behind Lineage II is your typical Fantasy, three large kingdoms with ego problems and delusions of grandeur trip over their own feet to usurp power from one another. Gobs and gobs of internal strife complicate matters across the board, allowing the chance for all players to overthrow a few rulers and claim their own peice of the world.

begginers guide lineage 2

You won't be throwing anyone over in Lineage without a decent character, and Lineage II has plenty of options in that department. Five differnt fantasy races are available: Humans (Ok so there not fantasy, who cares!), Orcs, Elves, Dark Elves, and Dwarves. Newbie classes consist of little more than your basic warrior/mage. But you'll be able to pick more focused occupations later on. Each race and class combination has plenty of hairstyles and equipment textures which means the chance to dress up, or in more perverted cases, dress down, a female dark elf to your hearts content.

Doing battle with the games randomly spawned monsters nets you experience and spell points. There used to buy new skills and occupations, you start with a limited selection of skills. and new skills become available when you get addidtion professions (3 so far ^^, Starting, 2nd, and Final). Sadly, Dwarf characters draw the short stick when it comes to spellcasting (aka, they can't), but they do make up for it with their amazing ability to craft items. This yeilds some of the games better items, so the Dwarf community rules Lineages econemy with an iron pudgy fist.

Ruling and controlling is the name of the game in Lineage II, with much of the action being centered on player conflict. Not so fast, though, unprovoked attacks bring karma penalties, and too much negative karma will turn you into a bright cherry red target. Other players will then have an open license to finish you. Death brings experience loss(something very costly at high levels), along with a quick boot to the nearest town and the possible loss of a few precious items. Tread lightly, vicious Pkers (Player-Killers).

If you're looking for better gear, there are plenty of NPC quests to undertake. One noteworthy mission rewards Level 35+ players with a dragon egg, which hatches into a cuddly dragonling pet, and later incubated into a mountable two legged "Strider", and eventually, after much effort (owning a castle *laugh*) a badass flying wyrven.

Violence and NPC quests are just the tip of the iceberg and at its core, Lineage II is all about seige warfare.Setting seige on a castle results in a free-for-all, winner-takes-everything battle that anyone and everyone and can jump in on. Being lord of a castle grants you control over the local shopkeepers and castle defenses. Also considering, the longer you hold a castle, the harder it is to take. Fortunately, you can forge alliances and create many sub clans to help secure your holdings.

Note: Lineage II has new downloadable expansions approximately every six months, right now we are into Chronicle 1.

Newbie Tips:
Do map quest right away, the map is the most valueable quest (not money wise) you'll always be lost without it, even if your pro.

Always get weapon first! Never armor, Weapon first, armor last.

Keep a few healing potions, they can be the reason you usually live when running, unless you dont mind losing valuable exp.

Chat commands, ! shout, "(name) whisper, @ clan chat, # party chat, Theres also regular chat, thats nothing.

Remember, Lineage 2 is a PVP Game. That means you have to
have the guts to fight for every minute of your existence. Don`t
be afraid to hit other players when it`s needed. ;>