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Hellbound Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
one of these end game sets? We got
the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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Updated Game Guides & Quests
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Base Tower Wallkthrough Hellbound CT 2.2

Base Tower Wallkthrough
Hellbound CT 2.2

Tower of Infinitum Wallkthrough Base Tower Hellbound CT 2.2

1) The first floor of the Base Tower is composed of broad corridors and a labyrinth.

The first player who comes in contact with the lvl 85 Body Destroyer will receive a Death Sentence Curse - he or she will die within 30 seconds unless other players kill the Body Destroyer, who is good at close-distance single target physical attacks, in that time.
After finishing up the monsters in the Anteroom, players may obtain at random either a Gate Key: Destruction or a Gate Key: Darkness. With those Keys the respective doors at the two sides of the Anteroom can be opened and you gain access to the labyrinth. When entering via the Door of Destruction, the way through the labyrinth is shorter.

While moving around in the labyrinth, always keeping in a northerly direction, players will sooner or later encounter a lvl 85 Labyrinth Seer. This lady can Root you and is an expert at Dark-backed magical attacks, both long-distance single target and close distance AoE.
From her you will on occasion obtain a Gate Key: Blood. Find the Door of Blood and enter the next labyrinth.
Then, after moving around some more, you will come to a big hall and encounter the Mini Boss Guzen, a Demon who is good at close-distance Dark-backed physical AoE attacks.
After killing Guzen and with a bit more running, you can see a long sloping ramp that leads up to to the second floor of the Base Tower.

2) The second floor of the Base Tower is composed of a corridor and rooms. Group monsters will appear here:
the Passageway Captain, who has a tendency to Stun his opponents.
Passageway Guards, who are good at Dark-backed close-distance single-target physical attacks and Passageway Mystics, who can Root you, burn up your MP and are good at Dark-backed close-distance AoE attacks.
By killing the Passageway Captain you can also obtain a Key for the Door of Destruction. (The Door of Destruction is a shortcut; if you should get killed you don't have to enter throught the Door of Darkness but can quickly resume your fight).

Monsters in the passageway are relatively easy; players can just fight their way through. Occasionally the Passageway Captains and Passageway Guards will drop a bottle of Fiery Demon Blood. After all members of the party have drenched themselves (by double-clicking) with this Demon Blood, they can go to the NPC Sailang at the end of the corridor and enter the Tower of Infinitum through him.

If Hellbound has not yet reached stage 11, Sailang will inform you that you can’t enter.
1. Please go back to the Steel Citadel Market Town and continue to kill monsters there.
2. Save the Native Prisoners and the Tortured Natives
3. Hunt monsters in Base Tower until you can enter. Being able to enter the Tower of Infinitum is the sign that Hellbound has reached stage 11 on your server.