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Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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Lineage 2 Tips&Tricks Exploits - Hacks
Some Sugar and Spice

Fast Casting Exploit
Lineage 2

This is considered an exploit by NC Soft, so be careful if you/partner are using it, make sure you're in an unpopulated area.

You must be grouped for this to work:

1. Find an area in which you'd like to level.

2. Healer should create a private store, any item works....just make it like 1,000,000 adena sono one actually buys it.

Here's the cool part, if the healer targets his group member via the group list on the left hand side of the screen, you can cast heal while still in store mode. After the heal has been cast you immediately go back to a sitting position. The healer will even run up into the range of the person you are healing, giving you very fast MP/HP regen rates.

Again, this is risky if a GM catches you, so use at your own risk. But nevertheless a very cool exploit!


Powerleveling for Mages and Shamans

So you want to powerlevel, want to be powerleveled Im about to tell you how it can be done.

Both mages and shamans get AE poison, which is the key to powerleveling. Your high level mage runs around gathering up lots of tuff monsters while the powerlevelee sits around fidgeting (you can help pull but it just seems to make things harder). Time to lay on the heat, blast the group with your AE poison and watch the life drain outta them. This is the ONLY spell the powerleveler should be using. Heres why, poison takes no xp from the mob. hence the powerlevelee blasts away at the monsters who now have 1 hp and gets the full xp for the kill.

there are unlimited possibilities as to where you can go to powerlevel, but i suggest your powerleveler sticks with mobs that a) aggro and are slow

why aggro? Aggro is key in powerleveling, if the powerleveler does any damage other than poison to the mob you void out all the xp the other guy gets. So take liriens for example, round em up, blast them with ae poison, and let your little newbi plink away for free xp WAY out of his level range.


Kill People In Arena
and Make Them
Loose Items

So, you want to kill someone for real in the arena? No problem. Just get them low enough so that one more hit will kill them. Now, get them to run outside the ring (inside the arena, outside the ring.), first making sure to initiate a VERY powerful strike (backstab, drain, etc) and when your strike hits and they're outside the ring, they die and lose experience and possibly can drop an item, all the while you don't even go purple. The attack MUST be initiated BEFORE they leave the ring, and MUST hit after they leave the ring. I've confirmed this myself, feel free to confirm this yourselves also. It's quite handy for that wannabe PvP'er that tries you right outside Gludin/Giran. Tell them you'll take them in the arena. When they try to gank you by using the boundaries to kite you, own them big time Smile And for good measure, gank em once for me too


Actually, they can die. It's all about the timing. The attack must start prior to them stepping beyond the ring, and finish after. It takes quite a bit of practice, but you can kill someone (literally...dead...not just 0hp...lying on the ground DEAD) in the arena, but outside the ring. And yes, they do lose XP for dying. It's the ultimate arena gank, but it can happen to anyone...so be careful it doesn't happen to you as well. I posted this to not only help you get some people, but also to raise awareness that it's quite possible. I repeat, you CAN die, CAN lose exp, and there is the possibility that you will drop items this way. I spoke with particular GM's that verified this, telling me (in their words): "Outside the ring, but inside the arena, normal gamerules apply. If you are killed in the arena, by an attack started from inside while fleeing outside, you will lose experience, etc."


We'll use PlayerA and PlayerB.
PlayerA gets PlayerB low enough to kill with one skill/spell.
PlayerB starts running to the ring exit.
Before PlayerB exits the ring, PlayerA begins their skill/spell.
PlayerB exits the ring, but remains inside the arena.
PlayerA's skill finishes, killing PlayerB.
Since the skill was begun prior to PlayerB exitting the ring, PlayerA receives no karma for killing PlayerB.
Meanwhile, PlayerB lays on the ground, wondering how they just lost experience points in the arena, screaming profanities. Smile


Few Ways to succesfuly overchant
your weapon

first: if u do a full party, all made of walkers, with chars low lvl that never enchanted anything, and u have a weapon +3, trade the weapon with anyone of the other bots, let him enchant it, and then he trades again to another one til everyone has enchanted. not tested though cuz it makes no sense.. but i heard it...

second: u can test if the enchant will fail or succeed. first click 2x on the scroll, and before enchanting, sell it with a shop to your friend and then enchant it... it will say if the enchant was or was not sucessful but ur weapon will remain like that, without the enchant, later, u can get back ur scroll with the dude. I heard that if u do this, and ur weapon is +3, and it says on the fake enchant that it was successful, u can get back ur enchant from the friend and enchant the weapon normally cuz it wont break... well... no sense... that thing of fake enchant works indeed, but every enchant has its probability of failure... nothing can say ur next enchant will be succeeded only because the fake was... i tryied this one with a friend and we got above 25 weapons +4 without any breaking... but that could be luck... +4 aint that hard to make without fkn up stuff.

third: using the fake enchant thingy, ppl say that if the probability of u do a enchant like +6 for instance is 66% of failure, that means that u will have 2 fails and 1 success. ppl use to fake enchant till they get 3 errors on a row, so the next will be successful, but for me its only relying on luck again, cuz the enchant has no memory on whats happened with the past fake enchants to think "whoa.. time to succeed now huh", and because of that, every enchant u do has the same probability of error... 66% its hard to happen if u talk about probability, but u can get 10+ fails with that probability of error if ur not lucky at all.. i wouldnt try this. would u risk an A grade like this? enchanting without the fakes before is the same thing.

notice that the third and second methods make no sense at all...
if u think like in the third, why u would enchant the weapon after a fake sucessful? its more chance that ur weapon fails later... lol..

fourth: well another stupid method that i didnt try cuz of its lack of sense. make a party, a full party. then let the leader enchant the weapon.. and put 2 or 3 days between each enchant. u wont loose ur weapon. wanna try? i think not.

fifth: ok.. now u need a mage... its like casting a slow speed spell on a mob like wind strike of a noob char without robe to give u time.. when he is almost firing the spell, after screaming its name, go and enchant.. u cant loose a weapon if the timing was perfect.

sixth: well item lag... spam soulshots and spiritshots (equip weapon, do soulshot, do spiritshot, unequip, equip again and keep doing this) until u think u got enough item lag. enchant ur weapon lots of times cuz the enchant will not change the status of the weapon becose of the lag... when u've done that lots of time, trade someone real quick, put the enchanted weapon on trade and press ok.. it will keep the weapon out of ur inventory, and if it was enchanted some times, it will be +2 or +3 compared that what u had, but it cant be removed of ur inventory cuz its not there anymore, its on trade.. so u dont loose weapon on the fails that it had.

seventh: same as the sixth.. but instead of spamming ss and spiritshots, just throw 1 adena, potions, maps, ur mother, whatever u like on the floor and do the same trick... it causes lag on item server too..

i tryied only the second one... didnt fail me, but do it at ur own risk.. that was what i learned for free researching forums.. any comment, add plz.. and if u know something really effective, help the community and stop being an fat selfish nerd that is good only on games and becose of cheating.


How to make person purple

Figured this out by accident happening on me like 5 times...while some guy is buffing/healing you, do a spell/skill but dont finish it ( like the redmakers do ), after he heals you hes purple, though you stayed white. Its not that useful but oh well...

you can also try this

hit the person then open a trade booth and say in the text like
(sor 10 adena) and when they look they well turn purple. but i dont know if this works with the newest patch


Solo a Raidboss

I have been using this exploit for several days now with myself and one other person.

To do this you need two or three characters depending on what level boss you want to kill. You need a prophet, a sps or sorc, and an alt of any class, oh as well as a baby pet (kookabura, buffalo, or cougar).

You can do this with almost any boss, but I will use a lvl 50 boss as an example since that is mostly what I have been doing.

To kill a raid boss you need a pet that is 10 levels above the boss, so in my example level 60. Give the pet to your alt that is the same level than the boss or lower (if its higher the boss wont drop anything). Use your prophet to give the raid boss full attack buffs, and the pet bezerker spirit (this buff only!!!!). Use your nuker to give the summon either blazing skin or freezing skin, depending on class.

Now with your alt character send the pet to attack the raid boss. The pet will get petrified and recieve no damage from the raid boss, but the boss will recieve damage back from the pet because of freezing/blazing skin. If the raid boss doesnt die in time, just rez your pet, rebuff it and send it back at the boss.

You can do this with any level boss as long as your pet is high enough to get petrified by it. Also if the pet is too many levels above the boss he wont take enough damage to hurt the boss. You want your pet to be between 10 and 18 levels above the bosses you are doing.

In addition to drops you get insane xp. I was doing this with a level 52 character summoning the pet and the character was getting about 40% of her level from each boss lol. Make sure no characters in the party with the pet are too high for the boss or it may not drop anything. If the pet caller is the only person in the party, the pet will get xp which might be a bad thing if you want to keep it at a certain level to always farm the same bosses. I was doing it with two characters i wanted to powerlevel in the party, so my pet never leveled.

This does NOT work with dragons, or summons, only Baby pets.

Note: If the raid boss has minions, the minions might kill the pet before the boss has time to cast petrify. To work around this I used my prophet to attack the boss first, then sent in the pet right after, while the minions were on the prophet. Then I force logged my prophet and the boss agroed the pet and died. Definetly a lot easier on solo bosses, but still do-able with group bosses.


Window Mode Lineage 2
How to Play Lineage 2 in Windowed Mode

Some of you may be wondering how this differs from the in-built alt+enter. A hell of a lot, you would have noticed that in the in-built windowed mode, the FPS drops to like 2 FPS when u change windows, this doesn't. This works in the exact same way as the old windowed modes for C1 and Prelude. Enjoy! Another easy way is
to just press ALT+Enter, but it`s not always working.
Download File


How Not to Drop Items on Death
in Lineage 2

If you're being chased by a pk'er/monster/pk hunter and you're certain you'll die, do this:
While running from whoever/whatever is chasing you, take off your gear and set up a sell shop (WHILE RUNNING) and sell your items for higher than normal prices. (Try to avoid selling too high, as the overpriced box might appear and slow down your shop setup). Sit down as fast as you can once you are done setting up shop. I suggest putting breastplate/shirt, gaiters/stockings, and your weapon into the shop.
Now when/if you die, you won't drop anything that's located in the sell window. (Even if you're chaotic. It still counts!) Hope this helps some of the other players out there. This doesn't affect the fact that you will lose experience (and karma if you're chaotic), but does help with items. Good luck!


Carrying Wolf
Pets in Lineage 2

Think wolf pets are useless at higher levels? They are actually quite useful... for archers! Think of your wolf as a 9000 weight storage unit, and load him up with arrows. This way you can keep a good 4000-5000 bone arrows on you at all times (more for wooden). Just keep your standard amount of arrows on you, and load up your pet with arrows. Call him out when you need more arrows, then store him again.
In theory you could buy more wolf pets, and have unlimited storage! You'll just need a bit of wolf food to store them on occasion.


Lose Karma without Dying

So, you accidentally go red...Here's a way you can lose ALL your karma (regardless of amount), by just dying once. After you die, DO NOT PORT BACK TO CITY OR YOUR CLAN HALL. What you need to do is hit alt+x and click restart. Then click your character and log back into the game. You will pop up on screen, and you will be shown dying again. Each time you do this, you will lose about 15-20 karma. No chance of dropping items, no additional XP loss. Great stuff.