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Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne 2
Coming This Summer

The Chaotic Throne 2 has been
announced, and it will be coming
this spring. Little details are known,
but here are some usefull info:
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Chaotic Throne 1:
The Kamael Complete Overview

Chapter 1: The Race of The Kamael

The first and most obvious update in CT1 was the new race, The Kamael. The Kamael start on the Isle of Souls, located to the west of Dark Elven Village.

What are the Kamael?

They're a dark race, which means basically that they use dark magic, and healing magic is less effective on them. Unlike the other races, the Kamael have to use "souls" to use their attack skills.

Souls exist in all mobs that give you over 70 xp. Once you get to level 5, you get a skill which allows you to absorb them. As you get more levels in the skill you can absorb more souls. The number of souls you have gathered appears in your buffslot bar, (but are not included in the number of buffs), and will last 10 minutes after the last soul has been absorbed. Later on, you can sacrifice some HP to summon souls or use a recharge soul skill.

kamael skills

Kamael Classes
The class system is also different for Kamael, because your class type is dependent on your gender. If you want to be a ranged type you will have to play female. Melee class types are males.

The Kamael race is completely independent from the other races in Lineage 2. You can't sub Kamael, and your Kamael sub cannot be any other race. Once you have 2 kamael subs both at level 75, 1 of 2 hidden subclasses becomes available, (Inspector and Judicator).

kamael overview

Kamael Weapons
Kamael get a skill from the first class transfer where they can convert their normal weapons to Kamael exclusive weapons.

They can convert the following:
Two-handed Sword ==> Ancient Sword
One-handed Sword ==> Rapier
Bow ==> Crossbow

Enchant value, SA, and Elemental Attributes are kept the same between normal and Kamael weapons, though augmented weapons can't be converted.


One of the main changes to CT1 is it's interface.

Party Information Window

A party member’s status window can be re-ordered within the party list. While holding the "Alt” key, the Status Window can be dragged to other spot within the list. Pet/Servitor information, including HP/MP/Buff/Debuff, can also be identified within the Party Member Status Window.

Improved Radar

The radar now shows terrain information. Various features have been included on the radar, such as hiding a player’s location, fixed radar position, and party member/monster location.

Item Information Link

You can share your item information with other players. When you click on an item while pressing the "Shift” key, the item information is linked automatically in chat.

Skill Window

Active skill information is categorized into Normal, Buff, Debuff, and Toggle within the Skill Window.


A maximum of 48 macros can be created.

Game Option

In the Option Menu, keyboard shortcuts can be changed.

In Option Menu, an “Improved Shader” function has been added.


The location of items within a player’s inventory is stored.

At the upper-right corner of the Inventory page, the “Inventory Auto Sort” button has been added. Players can press this button to automatically sort the items in their inventory.

Other Changes

If a Dwarf or Artisan class tries to delete items that can be crystallized, they are crystallized automatically instead.

Attribute information has been added to the Character Status Window.

Various Game Option information and in-game interface features have been improved.

Changes to characters

Stat Adjustments

For characters over level 70, Accuracy & Evasion, Critical Rate, and Magic Resistance have been increased significantly. Once you reach level 78 and above these stats are increased even more.

Boost for daggers.

The amount of CP for all dagger classes have been increased. Good news for daggers ^^.

Level penalty & Party Exp Distribution

At level 78, if you hunt mobs which are more then 4 levels below you, they will get a penalty on exp recieved.

As for parties, the highest and lowest member must be within 20 levels of eachother, or the lowest member(s) will not recieve any exp.

Newbie support magic

The level limit to which you get magic support from the newbie guide has been moved from 24 to 39. You can now get buffs till level 39.


There have been a lot of rumours about transformations, and a lot of buzz going on about it. Well here's the truth..

Who can transform?

All classes can transform.
Kamael have a special end-game transformation that no other classes get. It's called "Final Transformation".

kamael overview

The first being at level 50 after you finish the quest "Different Soul, Different Look" in Ivory Tower for Avant-Garde.
The rest of the skills for transformations are listed below.
There is also a unique transformation for when you get the Akamanah or the Zariche.

Onyx Beast
Obtained from Avan-Garde by paying Adena.

Death Blader
Purchased from the Black Marketeer of Mammon with Ancient Adena.

Apostate Grail (Gludin), Lilim Knight (Oren), Golem Guardian (Schuttgart), Inferno Drake(Schuttgart), Dragon Bomber (Aden)
Obtained from a Guild Member of the Adventureres Guild by paying, Adena and a Life Crystal.

Transformation Conditions

To transform, you musn't:
Have a pet summoned
Be on a strider or Wyvern
Have the mistic immunity skill on
on a moving ship

Also, if you get the Zariche or Akamanah, that transformation will override your chosen transformation.

When you transform, you keep your current buffs, debuffs, and effects of skills. You can't duel while transformed.

Zariche & Akamanah transformations
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 672x538.

A few things have changed with the Zariche and Akamanah. Once you get the cursed weapon, you transform into the unique form related to the cursed weapon, and your name is changed to the weapon name. Your real name will only show up in PMs, Clan, and Alliance chats. You cannot use Shout or General chat when holding the cursed weapons.

The Attribute System

A whole new attribute system has been added to the game to spice thinigs up a bit. Attributes are extra enchantments you can add to weapons and armour which are S-Grade and above.

About Attributes..
There are four elemental attributes and two holy-unholy attributes, and each attribute has an opposite. These are as follows:
Fire Vs Water
Earth Vs Wind
Darkness Vs Divinity

Your attack damage will depend on the difference between the value of the attacker's attribute and that of the defence's attribute.

Bestowing attributes..

You can put attributes on your weapon, and every piece of your armour.

To bestow an attribute on an item, you need an attribute item. Attribute items are stones, jewels, crystals, or energy, which can be acquired at the new high-level hunting grounds Isle of Prayer, and Hellbound. Once you have that item, you need to talk to the Attribute Master NPC in Aden or Rune.

On a weapon, the attribute will increase the attack power of that attribute, while on armour, the attribute will increase the defence of the opposite attribute.

For example..
A Divinity attribute on your armour would increase your Un-holy resistance. (Finally an end to the overpowered Necro?)

Attributes have a chance of failing on a weapon or armour, but this does not result in the crystalisation of the item or any penalty other then the loss of the attribute items used to add the attribute.

Attribute interaction with buffs

There is a good and bad side to attributes with buffs.

If you have a setup where you have a lower defence in Unholy attacks, and you buff yourself with Un-Holy resist, the buff does not cancel out your weakness to Un-Holy attacks. The attribute takes precendence over your buff, and the buff is nullified.

However, if you have a water resistance setup, and you buff yourself with water resist, they will stack.

New Items

Weaponskamale weapons

A lot of new items have been added in CT1, the main part being S-80 weapons, which are weapons and armour which are better then S grade, meant for characters 80+.

For SAs of Dynasty weapons, you will need a level 14 SC, which can be levelled on Anthras, Valakas, or Scarlet van Halisha (Frintezza) .



There are two different types of Dynasty Armour, normal armour, and the class-specific armour, (added shoulder pads to the armour).

The class-specific armor set bonuses are greater then the normal armour.

The Soul of Dynasty and the appropriate upper-body S-80 armor piece are required to create class-specific S-80 armor. The Soul of Dynasty can be obtained in Hellbound, and manufactured by the Blacksmith Shadai in Hellbound.

Dynasty Heavy:

kamael overview

Base Armor Stats
DEX: -1
STR: +2
Physical Defense: +5%
Maximum HP: +393
Increased Dark Resistance

Shield Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva’s Templar, Shillien Templar
DEX: -2
STR: +2
Physical Defense: +5%
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increased Stun Resistance, Decreased MP Consumption for Skills.

Bardic Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer
DEX: -2
STR: +2
Physical Defense: +5%
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increased Physical Attack While Songs and/or Dances Are Active; Decreases MP consumption for Songs and Dances.

Force Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Duelist, Grand Khavatari
DEX: -1
STR: +2
CON: -1
Physical Attack: +5%
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increases Level of Sonic Focus/Forced Focus on Critical Hits; Decreases MP Consumption on Active Skills.

Weapon Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Dreadnought, Titan, Fortune Seeker, Maestro
DEX: -1
STR: +2
CON: -1
Physical Attack: +5%
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increased Critical Power; Increased Critical Rate.

Dynasty Light:

kamael overview

Base Armor Stats
CON: -1
DEX: +1
Accuracy: +1
Maximum HP: +393
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance

Bow Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel, Trickster
CON: -2
DEX: +1
STR: +1
Accuracy: +4.3
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increased Hold Resistance; Randomly Recovers HP on Critical Attacks..

Dagger Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter
CON: -2
DEX: +1
STR: +1
Evasion: +4.3
Maximum HP: +492
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increased Stun Resistance, Decreases MP consumption when using Active Skills..


kamael overview

Base Armor Stats
Int -1
Men +1
Magic Casting Spd. +12%
Maximum HP +257
Darkness Resistance +6

Buff Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Hierophant, Dominator, Doomcryer
INT: -1
MEN: -1
WIT: +2
Casting Speed: +17%
Maximum MP: +321
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increases Hold Attack Sucess Rate; Increases Healing Effects.

Heal Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Cardinal, Eva’s Saint, Shillien Saint
INT: -1
MEN: +2
Casting Speed: +17%
Maximum MP: +321
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increases Sleep Attack Sucess Rate; Increases MP Regeneration.

Wizard Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer
INT: -1
MEN: +2
WIT: +1
Magic Attack: +17%
Maximum MP: +321
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increases Stun Resistance; +15% to Magical Damage Dealt.

Summon Master Shoulder Pads
Classes: Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master
INT: -1
MEN: -1
WIT: +2
Magic Attack: +17%
Maximum MP: +321
Additional Bonus(es): Increased Dark Resistance; Increases Stun Resistance; Increases MP Regeneration.

Hunting Zones

Several new hunting zones have been added to CT1.

Isle of Souls

kamael overview

The Isle of Souls is the starter village for the Kamael, and is located west of Dark Elven Village. It's island has mobs level 20 and below.

Any other race can teleport to this island thanks to Newbie Travel Tokens. After you complete the newbie tutorial, you recieve several travel tokens which allow you to travel to other starter towns for free through the newbie guide.

There are also three Strongholds on the island, which can be ported to free of charge if you are under level 20.

The island is also host to two dungeons, (Nornil's Garden and Nornil's Cave). Though i suggest you go with a few friends, it the highest levelling area on the island.

Isle of Prayer

kamael overview

The Isle of Prayer is the new high-level levelling area meant for players level 78+. The AI of the monsters on this island has been greatly increased (i.e. the mobs are bloody smart), and will be challenging to all players.

There are two Instanced Dungeons, (explained later on), on the Isle of Prayer, called "Dark Cloud Mansion", and Crystal Caverns".

Dark Cloud Mansion

To enter the mansion, you need to be in a party of 2 people or more. Inside the mansion, you can get usefull information on hor to get into and through the Crystal Caverns (Not to mention the bloody hard mobs there).

Crystal Caverns

To enter the caverns, you need to be in a party of 2 people or more, like the mansion. The cavern consist of three areas: Emerald Square, Steam Corridor, and Coral Garden. You can only be in one of these places at a time. Each area has a raidboss which you must defeat if you want to fight Baylor, one of two epic raids of CT1.


In order to face Baylor, players must have obtained the three crystal types from the Raid Bosses in the Emerald Square, the Steam Corridor, and the Coral Garden. When you enter the lair, one of the three crystals obtained from the raids will be consumed at random.

The “[color] Seed of Evil – Shard” can be obtained by hunting on this island. This item allows players to obtain S-80 armor , (explained later), materials from Blacksmith Ram inside the Crystal Caverns.


Hellbound is the hiding place of the main epic raidboss of CT1, Beleth.

kamael overview

Hellbound is the highest levelling area of the whole game, and isn't even on the map. It is said that hellbound "blocked by Beleth’s magical barrier". The only way to go to this levelling area is to complete a series of quests found on the Isle of Prayer. Once you have completed these quests, you will need to talk to Galate in Heine village.

The Iron Castle

kamael overview

The iron castle, the lair of Beleth, can only be accessed by players who have "earned the trust" of the natives of Hellbound. This can be done by killing mobs in Hellbound, or doing quests for the NPCs there.

The Hellbound natives’ trust level can be increased or decreased depending on players’ actions and effort. The more trust you gain, the more tasks become available.

Instanced Dungeons

The Instanced Dungeon system has been added. This system allows several parties to simultaneously enter different instances of an area for a certain period of time. (A bit like the Dark Festivals).

Entry to instanced dungeons

kamael overview

To enter an instance, you need to be in a party, and all party members need certain items depending on the instance. There is a limit to the number of dungeons players can enter a day, since they all have refresh times.

If a party is in an instance, unlike the Festival of Darkness, the party member can re-enter the instance provided thair party is still there. Though you cannot invite new members to the party.

Leaving instanced dungeons

Parties are automatically moved outside the dungion if:
Your mission is complete. In which case players are moved after 5 minutes of completion.
Time limit is reached: If the time limit for the dungeon is reached, you will be ported out

Instance Time limits

The maximum time you can spend in the instances are as follows:
Nornil’s Garden (70 mins)
Dark Could Mansion (30 mins)
Crystal Cavern (90 mins)
Castle Underground Dungeon (60 mins)
Fortress Monster Prison (60 mins)

Instance refresh times

Once used, dungeons need to be refreshed, and cannot be accessed for a certain amount of time. The refresh times are as follows:
Nornil’s Garden – 2 hours
Dark Cloud Mansion – no time limit
Crystal Cavern – 24 hours
Castle Underground Dugeion – 4 hours
Fortress Monster Prison – 4 hours


Fortress sieges are bloody complicated, so i'm going to copy and paste the information for the most part in this section.

About fortresses

kamael overview

A fortress is a small residential clan area, similar to a clan hall. It can be acquired by winning a fortress siege. Depending on their locations, fortresses are either border or territory fortresses, and are large or small.

Small fortresses include the following:
Aaru Fortress - Border
Archaic Fortress
Demon Fortress - Border
Dragonspine Fortress -Border
Hive Fortress
Ivory Fortress
Monastic Fortress - Border
Narsell Fortress
Shanty Fortress
Tanor Fortress - Border
White Sands Fortress
Large fortresses include the following:
Antharas’ Fortress - Border
Bayou Fortress
Borderland Fortress
Cloud Mountain Fortress - Border
Floran Fortress - Border
Hunter’s Fortress - Border
Marshland Fortress
Southern Fortress
Valley Fortress
Western Fortress - Border

Fortress Rules
Simlar to clan halls, fortresses serve as a clan residence. A clan that owns a fortress can register to siege castles and other fortresses, and can claim ownership of them if they win. In this case, their existing fortress becomes inhabited and controlled by NPCs.

A clan can only have one fortress OR castle, they can't have both.

A Blood Oath can be obtained through the occupation of a fortress. The Blood Oath can raise the clan’s reputation and level by nine levels.

While a clan’s fortress is under a siege, the clan cannot acquire any ownership of other fortresses, even if they capture another fortress’s flag.

Fortress status can be viewed on Mini-Map (Alt+M). Border fortresses are indicated by a red flag and territory fortresses are indicated by blue flag.

A fortress siege lasts for one hour, and can occur as often as every four hours, for 24 hours a day.

If the Combat Flag is raised on a flag pole, the fortress siege ends.

A fortress siege begins 60 minutes after the first signup to the siege.

Basically, there are several steps to capturing a fortress, depending on if NPCs own the fortress or if a clan owns it.

If NPCs own the fortress

You need to get in there, and destroy all the camps and kill the commander NPCs of all the camps within 10 minutes. Once you've done that, flags will drop, and you will need to fight your way to the top of the fortress to plant all three flags there to claim the fortress.

If A Clan owns the fortress

As the beggining of the siege, the attack side will get a mercenary captain NPC, who they will have to defend. You do the same thing with the commander and flag business but you also have to make sure you NPC doesnt die.

If It's a large fortress

You have to shut down the sub power systems to a main control room (the dwarves should do it to get this "passcode"). Once you shut them all down, you need to enter the right code to open the door, and shut the core power system down. All this has to be done while the powere system's Hp is low. You THEN plant your flag and take over the castle.

Pet/Servitor changes!

The Great Wolf

kamael overview

By talking to the Pet Manager, you can evolve a level 55+ wolf into a Great Wolf. An evolved Great Wolf's appearance and skills change according to its level. (Level 60-> 65-> 70). At level 70, you will also be able to ride the wolf.

Exping your pet

Seems that NCSoft were smart about pets too, and finally decided that Pet Exp will be gained based on a percentage of what you get in the party, instead of the amount of damage the pet does.

If a player's level exceeds that of his or her pet by six levels, the pet's Exp. acquisition receives a penalty. The reduced portion of the Exp. is credited back to the pet's master. However if a pet’s level exceeds that of its master by 11 levels, the pet’s Exp. acquisition increases. The increased Exp. is acquired from the pet's master.

Servitor Levels.

You can now level your pet up to level 85 via skill enchantment.

For each skill enchant, the stats of a servitor change. As it improves, the servitor’s Elemental Defense value increases as well.

New Skills

See table below, Click on image to ZOOM IN.

kamael overview

Changes to epic jewellery

See table below, Click on image to ZOOM IN.

kamael overview

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