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Subclass Skills
For The Main Class
Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne 1: The Kamael Plus

Subclass Skills for the Main Class in
Chaotic Throne 1: The Kamael Plus

subclass skills for main

First of all, these skills that you`ll obtain via leveling subclasses are usable only for the main class. There are lots of options so chosing the right configuration for your class is more complicated and implies a more complex thinking.

Learning Abilities:
It was mentioned before:
- Subclass lvl 65: Main class can obtain a passive that increases atk/defensive strength
- Subclass lvl 70: Main class can obtain a passive that increases atk/defensive strength
- Subclass lvl 75: Main class obtains a skill , choice depends on subclass class-type.
- Subclass lvl 80: Main class obtains a transformation, transformation type depends on subclass class-type.

Application/Learning the skills:
Each subclass can apply for the skills 4 times, 3 subclasses have a total of 12 skills, after application you will obtain a subclass skill book (untradable), you can then learn the skills on your main class accordingly.

1) "Applying for skills" will determine the skills you get according to class-type (of subclass), "learning skills" will allow you to choose from that list.
2) "Applying for skills" cannot be changed or reverted (note: this means that once you've applied for the skill on subclass that's it... no more changing the class-type... for this particular subclass anyway), "learning skills" can be undone/relearnt (note: you can re-choose the skills, but only within the allowed skills set by your subclass's class-type)

If you have 3 subclasses it means you can apply for skills 12 times, after application, for example if my second subclass is a knight, level to lvl 75 and apply for skill, then I've chosen a knight-type application for skill and obtain a knight-type skill book, using this book you can learn a knight-type subclass skill, if you do not like the skill you've chosen you can unlearn the skill and choose from another skill from the knight-type skill list, but your "second lvl 75 subclass skill" is now set for knight-type skills, even if you remove the subclass you cannot apply for another set of skills (note: so if you removed the knight subclass and get a new subclass to lvl75, you won't be allowed to apply for skill again, although your main class can still learn and relearn the knight-type subclass skills)

Class types:
Subclasses are divided into 7 groups, the group also determines the type of transformation the main will get

Warrior: Gladiator, Warlord, Warsmith, Bounty Hunter, Destroyer, Tyrant, Soul Breaker, Berserker
Rogue: Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Hawkeye, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker, Treasure Hunter, Arbalester
Knight: Temple Knight, Shillien Knight, Paladin, Dark Avenger
Summoner: Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner, Warlock
Wizard: Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Sorcerer, Necromancer
Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder
Enchanter: Prophet, Warcrier, Overlord, Sword Singer, Bladedancer


Warrior (Destro, BH, Tyrant, Glad, Warlord, SB, BZ)
Passive Greater CP Boost: +738 cp
Passive Resist Debuff
Active Chance Haste: +33% atk speed, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 461 procs)

Single Weapon Hits Per second = Attack Speed / 500
Dual Weapon Hits Per second = (Attack Speed * 2) / 500

Rogue (Dagger/Archer, Arb)
Passive Long Shot: +200 bow range
Passive Boost Evasion: +4 evasion
Active Chance Critical: +30% crit rate, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 459 procs)

Knight (Pally, DA, TK, SK)
Passive Greater HP Boost: +6%
Passive Resist Critical Damage: +3% reduction
Active Counter Boost Mdef/Pdef: +20%m/pdef, 15 sec

Summoner (Warkock, PS, ES)
Passive Boost HP/MP: +147 HP / +74 MP
Passive Resist Elements: +5 resist
Active Boost Cast Speed/ Power: +7% matk, +8% cast speed, 15 sec

Nuker (SH, SpS, Sorc, Necro)
Passive Boost Magic Resist: +5% Magic Resist Rate
Passive Boost Recharge Rate: +20 mp per recharge
Active Counter Mana Vampire: 10 mp, 3% chance (17mp w/mana gain passive)

Healer (SE, EE, Bish)
Passive Increase Self Healing: +19 HP on heals
Passive Resist Divine Elements: +5 resist
Active Counter Self Heal: +183 HP, 3% chance

Enchanter (PP, WC, BD, SwS, Inspector)
Passive Greater MP Boost: +148 MP
Passive Boost MP Regeneration: +0.5 MP/tick
Active Counter Invunerability: 5 sec, 3% chance


Great Physical Defence (+29 p.def)
Great Magic Defence (+50 m.def)
Great Physical Offence (+? p.atk)
Great Magic Offence (+29 m.atk)
Critical Rate (+30 critical)
Magic Casting (+11 cast.spd)

Lvl 65, 70:
The skills you can learn at these 2 levels are the same, only 4 skills are available, you can choose the same skill at both levels the effects stack, you can even learn the same skill on other subclasses, potentially making a skill learnable for 6 times.

Increase Patk:
Tested with lvl 81 character base patk 937
lvl 1 - +22
lvl 2 - +20
lvl 3 - +18
lvl 4 - +15
lvl 5 - +14
lvl 6 - +10

Increase Matk:
Tested with lvl 81 character base matk 1708
lvl 1 - +11
lvl 2 - +9
lvl 3 - +9
lvl 4 - +8
lvl 5 - +6
lvl 6 - +5

Increase Pdef:
Tested with lvl 81 character base pdef 780
lvl 1 - +9
lvl 2 - +9
lvl 3 - +8
lvl 4 - +9
lvl 5 - +9
lvl 6 - +9

Increase Mdef:
Tested with lvl 81 character base mdef 918
lvl 1 - +15
lvl 2 - +15
lvl 3 - +15
lvl 4 - +16
lvl 5 - +18
lvl 6 - +12

Lvl 75:
There are many skills available at this level, regardless of whether the skill is a common skill or a class specific one, you can only choose *one* lvl 75 skill, with 3 subclasses you can choose 3 in total.

Common skills:
- Increase patk
- Increase Pdef
- Increase Matk
- Increase Mdef
- Increase Critical Rate
- Increase casting speed

- Counter Celestial: Chance of getting a 10s celestial shield when under attack
- Increase MP: Increase max MP
- Increase MP regen

- Resist magic: Increase chance to resist magic (works against normal nukes too)
- Increase Recharge rate: Increase amount of MP recharged by recharge skill
- Chance MP steal: Chance of MP being recovered when attacking

- Increase CP
- Chance Haste: Chance of increasing attack speed when attacking
- Resistance: Increase resistance against paralyse, root, sleep, trance, cancel...etc (i.e. debuffs)

- Counter .... : slightly increases patk, matk and casting speed
- Increase HP/MP: increase max hp and mp
- Resist elements: increase resistance against elemental attacks

- Counter defense: Chance of increasing pdef/mdef when under attack
- Increase HP: Increase max HP
- Resist critical damage

- Divine Protection: Increase resistance against holy and dark attacks
- Counter Heal: Chance of healing yourself when under attack
- Prayer: Increase HP recovered from heals (on self)

- Increase evasion
- Chance critical: Chance of increasing critical rate when attacking a target
- Long shot: increase bow attack range

Lvl 80
Divine transformations
The transformation type is determined by the subclass. If all 3 subclasses are different class-types you get 3 different types of transformations; but if you have a same-type subclass, you can *level up* the transformation, up to level 3 (because there are 3 max subclasses).

Skill cancellation:
If a player dislikes the skill chosen, the player can remove the skill for a fee of 10,000,000
You can only redeem a new skill not the new skill book, so if you had a knight-type skill book, after removing a knight skill you can only choose a knight skill after that.

SOURCE: http://lineage2.gametsg.com/index.ph...articleid=3634