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Quest: Pailaka

Quest: Pailaka

The Pailaka quests is a series of 3 solo 1-time quests. Pailaka itself is some sort of parallel world, that can be entered at different locations.

General Rule for all 3 Pailaka: make sure to upgrade the Quest Weapon before killing the Final Boss. You don’t have to use the Quest Weapon to kill mobs nore the Bosses.

Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire

Level: 36~42 (characters above lvl 42 can not take this quest)
NPC: Inspector Adler, near the entrance to The Einhasad Temple in Gludin
Type: 1-time / Solo
Time Limit: 60 mins
Pailaka Earring - D-Grade. 43 MDef. MaxMP +20. Cannot be dropped, traded or enchanted.
Pailaka Ring - D-Grade. 29 MDef. MaxMP +15. Cannot be dropped, traded or enchanted.
810.000 XP, 50.000 SP, Vitality Points

Inspector Adler sends you to the Pailaka inside the Forgotten Temple.

The Temple Inspector Sinai at the Forgotten Temple lobby will give you special D-Duals (Sprite’s Sword). You can use them but dont have too. You also get the Temple Book of Secrets. It will be updated with additional informations and hints while you progress with the quest.
Inside a Pailaka you must defeat various Mini-Boss mobs and one Final Boss. While fighting your way thru Pailaka you will find Crystal Water Bottles and Burning Braziers. Destroy these to obtain various instance Pots (Healing Pots, Element Potions, …) These Potions and the Weapon itself can only be used inside the Pailaka. So a good advice is to collect as much potions as possible before facing one of the Mini-Bosses.

Killing Hillas will get you Essence of Water. Speak with a Temple Inspector to refine the special Pailaka Weapon into Enhances Sprite’s Sword. Essence of Water gets you Item Skill Shalin Heal.
Once you killed Kinsus you obtain Essence of Fire. Wich gets you Shalin Strike, after refining your weapon into Sword of Ice and Fire thru a Temple Inspector.
The other 2 Mini-Bosses to kill are Papion, another Spirit of Water, and Gargos, a Fire Spirit. Deafeating them will update your Temple Book of Secrets.

Once all 4 Bosses are down and you have refined the D-Duals into the Sword of Ice and Fire its time to face the Final Enemy. Adiantum can be found behind a secret underwater passage at the bridge where the 2 elements (Fire and Water) collide, aka the place where you killed Papion.

After killing Adiantum Inspector Adler gonna show up and hand over the rewards. Only thing left todo now is to SOE.

Hint: If you need restock or rebuff you can leave (via SOE) and re-enter (via Inspector Adler in Gludin) the Pailaka at any time.

Pailaka - Devil’s Legacy

Level: 61~67 (characters above lvl 67 can not take this quest)
NPC: Devil’s Isle Survivor, North of The Einhasad Temple in Giran
Type: 1-time / Solo
Time Limit: 90 mins
Pailaka Bracelet - B-Grade. MaxMP +20. 2 talisman slots. Cannot be dropped, traded or enchanted.
10.800.000 XP, 950.000 SP, Vitality Points

Devil’s Isle Survivor sends you to the pailaka on Devils Island.
A good advice to follow is to only enter Pailaka well prepared. This includes being well buffed and bringing a lot of Antidotes, Greater Healing Potions, Scrolls of Escape and Pet Shots.

At the entrance to Devil’s Isle awaits you NPC Devil’s Isle Supporter. He gives you Ancient Legacy Sword, wich comes with the weapon Skill Summon Tigress. You can summon Tigress and use her like a normal Summon. She uses 4 pet shots per hit and has a special attack skill.
This wouldn’t be a NCSoft quest if there wouldn’t be at least one bug. Unlike other summons Tigress comes without an attack button, even without any character window at all.
So if you are a summoner you might have the summon attack skill already in your hotbar. If you are not a summoner make yourself a macro with the command “/summonattack” and place it in your hotbar.
If you want tigress to attack your target just trigger the macro. All summoner skills work on her as well.

Make sure to destroy ALL Treasure Boxes you find to obtain additional Potions. If you going to need these in any of the 3 Pailaka instances badlym than its this one.
Spare the Pailaka Antidotes for the Final-Boss Lematan.

Some additional hints to make your life easier:

Some of the Treasure Boxes drop Pailaka All-Purpose Keys that can be used on targetable doors inside Devil’s Isle by double-clicking. You will find additonal Boxes behind those doors.
On your way through Devil’s Island you will come across Powder Kegs. Attacking those will make them explode. They will damage any mob within range and also yourself and Tigress.
So a good way to use the Kegs to your advantage without hurting yourself is to use any sort of ranged attack on them. If your class dont have any offensive ranged attack you can simply use the Legacy Sword’s nuke - found in the skill list when the Sword is equiped and at least enchanted to stage 1.
Make sure to use the Divine Soul Bottles, wich also can be found inisde the Treasure Boxes. The Bottles give you Resist Undead , wich also stacks with other buffs.
The 1st Mini-Boss you gonna run into is Kams. He might poison you, so be prepared to use some antidotes.
Once defeated you will obtain Pailaka Scroll of Enchant Weapon. Bring it to a Dwarf Adventurer who will refine your the Ancient Legacy Sword into an Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword.
Tigress power will improve and you get a new weapon skill - Ice Chill, a water element nuke. Make sure to unsummon Tigress, or he won’t enhance it for you.

The 2nd Boss to kill is Hikoro. He might poison and bleed you.
He wont drop an Enchant Scroll, but needs tobe killed anyway.

The next Boss you gonna meet, while making your way to the upper floor on Devil’s Isle is Alkaso. His skills might cause you bleeding.
When he is dead meet up with the next Dwarf Adventurer to get the Ancient Sword refined with the Pailaka Scroll of Enchant Weapon you just got.
You now have the Complete Ancient Legacy Sword. Make sure to unsummon the Tigress before enchanting.
Tigress has improved again and you got a new weapon skill - Chill Strike.

The last of the Mini-Bosses before fighting the Final one is Gerbera.
Once dead you gonna find yourself close to Zaken’s ship deep inside Devil’s Isle.

Before facing the Final Boss Lematan you should fully regen your MP and if needed, resummon Tigress.
When you’re ready, jump down into the water and find the underwater passage leading to Zaken’s ship.

Fighting Lematan won’t be that easy, like the other 2 Pailaka Bosses.
He will teleport himself and you to the center ship once he has only half HP left. There he gonna spawn his minions, Lemetan’s Followers. They will heal him and also use some sort of binding spell on him. So he can’t move while the Followers are binding him, but also geting healed.

There are 3 different ways how to deal with that situation:

Let Tigress kill the Followers, while you focus on Lematan. Note, the Followers will respawn.
Try to lure Lematan away from the Followers, to one of the bridges. There the Followers can not reach him. This one is abit tricky, couse the Followeres might pull him back to the ship.
If you have any sort of a binding skill (Anchor, Root, Shackle, …) you can prevent Lematan from porting to the ship. So no Followeres to deal with.
Downside of the last 2 solutions is, once Lematan is dead the Dwarf Adventurer will spawn on the ship and you need to find a way to get there as well.
The Dwarf Adventurer will take back the Ancient Sword and hand over the rewards.

Pailaka - Injured Dragon

Level: 73~77 (characters above lvl 77 can not take this quest)
NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman, outside Goddard West Gate
Type: 1-time / Solo
Time Limit: 90 mins
Pailaka Shirt - A-Grade. 28 PDef, MaxMP +40. Cannot be dropped, traded or enchanted.
28.000.000 XP, 2.850.000 SP, Vitality Points

Ketra Orc Shaman sends you to the Pailaka at the Varka Silenos Stronghold. Please note that this quest will not affect your alliance with the Varka Silenos nore the Ketra Orcs.

At the entrance to the Varka Silenos Stronghold NPC Ketra Orc Supporter awaits you and gives you the Spear of Silenos. The weapons special skill Obliteration Storm must unlocked to defeat Latana, the Dragon of Fire.

Hunting Silenos will get you the needed scrolls (Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 & 2) to enhance the Spear into Enhanced Spear of Silenos. Speak to a Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer to refine the Spear of Silenos. The first weapon skill you will get is Critical Up, wich increases the Critical rate and Attack Speed. Once you obtained the 2nd Weapon Upgrade Stage let a Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer refine the Spear into Complete Silenos Spear. The weapon skill Obliteration Storm has a chance to stun your target.
Killing mobs inside the Pailaka will get you various Potions that should help fighting Latana.
The various Ketra Orc NPCs can also give you buffs.

Facing Latana should be done well buffed and prepared, having enough Healing Potions, etc. … Latana has 3 different skills he can use. A general, not fixed on a special target fire nuke. This one can easily be avoided by just moving aside. 2nd one is a stun attack and the 3rd being an AOE fire nuke.

After killing the Dragon of Fire the Ketra Orc Supporter will appear, taking back the Silnos Spear and rewarding you for defeating Latana.



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