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Kamael Plus Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
one of these end game sets? We got
the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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More then 120 Wallpapers...
Our wallpaper database is constantly
beeing updated. It also features
custom made ones. Don`t miss it!

sexy elf femalevalakas

sexy elf female wings elf angelgladiator lineage 2

Updated Game Guides & Quests
Some very interresting and usefull
game guides and Quests have been
added, don`t miss them.
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Lineage 2 NUDE PATCH
for Chronicles 4, 5 and Interlude and Chaotic Throne 1 The Kamael!

Lineage 2 Nude Patch
for Interlude and Chaotic Throne The Kamael, Hellbound, Gracia

There are 4 types of nude patch for Lineage 2.

1. Partially nude patch for Lineage 2 - Official Undergaments

lineage 2 nude patch





2. Totally Nude patch for Lineage 2 Characters.

lineage 2 nude patch


How to Install - INSTRUCTIONS -

1.Copy the NakedA.utx file you downloaded into your SYSTEXTURES directory inside the Lineage 2 game directory.

2.Copy the chargrp.dat file you just downloaded into your System folder, in your Lineage2 game directory, overwriting the old one, and start the game without updating it.

Download Texture Pack NakedA.utx
Necessary for every version to work!!


Version 1

Version 2 ( with stockings, still nude)



3. Partially Nude Lineage 2 Characters in ARMORS.

lineage 2 nude patch

Download Texture Pack NBNoS.utx
Download Texture Pack NBShd.utx
necessary for every version to work!!

Install Instructions

For this patch to make it work, it is required to unpack the NBShd.utx and NBShd.utx files into your SYSTEXTURES directory.

After that, all you have to do is to copy armorgrp.dat file you downloaded and paste it into your system folder and start the game without updating it.