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Gracia Final Korean PTS Patch Notes
Lineage 2

Gracia Final Korean PTS Patch Notes

The Final Chapter of the Gracia Saga of Lineage 2 unfolds and brings amazing new content. Read below:

  • 84-grade for new armors.
  • Element attribute on Weapons got raised to 300.
  • Element attribute on Armor got raised to 600.
  • Changes to Fortress and Castle Dungeons.
  • Gracia got added west of Gludin. Player must be 75+ to enter. Can obtain S82/S84 armor and weapon parts here thru quests. There is also a 45 player Instance
  • Zone incl raid boss.
  • Air-Ships doing roundtrips to and from Gracia.
  • Clans Lvl 5+ can have theyr own Air-Ship.
  • New Transformation allowing you to fly. Can only be used on Gracia.
  • Mage Crits in PVP have been reduced from 3x to 2.5x - only affects PVP, not PVE.
  • Thats it for now - more details will be added if my shedule allows me.

Territory War


1. Maximum Clan Level got raised to 11. Costs 75.00 CRP and the Clan must have at least 170 members.
2. Guard Units can now hold up to 30 members.
3. Following Clan Skills can be learned up to level 3: -todo-


Since Territory Wars are sheduled for saturday all Siege Warfares are re-sheduled to sunday 4pm-6pm and 8pm-10pm.


  • 3-vs-3
  • Party must consist of 3 members.
  • Only the Partyleader can sign for olympiad.
  • 3-vs-3 Matches are not class based.
  • There are no buffs from a NPC available, resurrection skills are disabled.
  • Normal olympiad rules apply for anything else.
  • Reward Changes
  • Olympiad Points calculation got changed: -todo-
  • Nobless Gatepasses getting replaced by Olympiad Coins.
  • Old Nobless Gatepasses can be exchanged to Olypmiad Coins.
  • New rewards can only be purchased using Olympiad Coins:
    - Spellbooks for the new lvl 83 Skills
    - Quick Healing Potions
    - special Shirt, Earring, Ring, Necklace (the Jewelry items are lasting for 30 days, kinda like shadow items, and come with special stats)
  • Olympiad Points are earned for defeating the opponent:
    - non-classed related fight: 30 Olympiad Currency
    - class based fight: 40 Olympiad Currency
    - 3-vs-3 fight: 50 Olympiad Currency

Other Changes
Skills with a reuse delay greater than 30 minutes getting reset on match start.


Takes place in Gracia.

  • Conditions to participate
  • Only players lvl 75+ and with the Flight-mode
  • Tranformation learned can participate.
  • Only solo charcaters can apply. Parties are not allowed.
  • Anyone signed for any other PVP-related content (Olympiad, Fantasy Island, Underground Arena) can not register for Air-Warfare.
  • Registration
  • Registraion NPC is at some Vortex Gate on Gracia.
  • A match last 25minutes and starts when at least 9 players are signed for it.
  • Players will be put into different teams.
  • If there are free spots within a match players can join within the first 15minutes.
  • Victory Conditions
  • Killing an opponent or destroying they others Team Base
  • gives your team points.
  • The team with the most points wins.
  • Winning players receive 5 items (that can are needed for other Gracia related content).
  • Depending on the final points and participation time players get rewarded with SP.
  • Leaving a match before its finsihed, will not get you any rewards.
  • Players can collect special items (needed for Gracia related content) during a match. These can be used to transform Seeds (yes Gracia related Seeds - IOP anyone?) into some other Gracia related items.

‘Flight-mode’ Transformation


Collecting / Aquisition / Gathering

Combat System Changes


Grade Penalties

Penalty Changes

Penalties for wearing armor and/or weapons above the players current expierence grade are now depending on the gap between the players current grade and the one of the item.
Eg. A player with experience D-Grade using a C-Grade weapon will suffer from Penalty Effect level 1, while the same player using a B-Grade weapon will receive Penalty Effect level 2.

Penalty Effects

Level 1
Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 10%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate
Level 2
Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 20%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate
Level 3
Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 30%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate
Level 4
Accuray reduced by 16, Critical Damage and Rate reduced by 40%, Patk and AtkSpeed reduced by 10%, increased magic fail rate
If the gap between the players grade and the items grade is bigger than 4, than Penalty Effect level 4 gets applied.


S84 Weapons / Armor


3 different Dual-Dagger Weapons have been added:
Dynasty Knife*Soul Speperator, Icarus Disperser*Soul Seperator, S84 Dagger*Naga Storm.

Duals-Dagger getting produced the same way like Duals-Swords. Players must be Lvl81+ to learn the Dual-Dagger skill, to use these items. Dual-Daggers only be used by dagger classes.


Belts have been added as rewards for Territoy Wars. They also got theyr own inventory slot.


Capes can only be used for Dynasty and S84 Armor. There are 2 different types of Capes.

Knight Capes
Only clan members within the rank of a Captain (Royal Guard Unit?) can wear Capes.
Can be obtained from the Castle NPC Chanberlein.
Capes of Holy Spirit
Can be obtained thru defeating various boss mobs (Lindivior?, Frintessa, Antaras, Valakas, Beleth and some Gracia related boss mob).
NPC in Aden and Rune can apply capes to armors (?).


‘Improved Shields’ for Casters, Healers, Summoners and Buffers have been added.
Depending on the Class these Shields have the following effects:

Caster: increased MP recovery rate, ???
Healer: increased MP recovery rate, increased Heal Effect
Summoner: MP recovery rate, MaxMP increased
Buffer: MP recovery rate, MaxMP increased
Element Attribute Changes

The maximum Element Values for Weapons and Armors have been increased.
Weapons: from 150 to 300
Armor: from 300 to 600

Normal Element Stones can only raise the element value to 150 for weapons and 300 for a full armor set.
Rough Ore of -Elementname here- mus be used to increase the value even further.

S82 Icarus Weapons

Icarus Weapons are now classified as S82. Players must be lvl 82+ to use these without suffering from Grade Penalties.
‘Seeds of Destruction’ (Gracia related collector quest) can be exchanged for Icarus Weapon Receipes and Keymaterials at ‘Union Station’ (i gues thats the main Landing Platform on Gracia).

Armor Set Effects


Other Changes

Adena limit got raised to 99.900.000.000.
Magic damage of 2-hand mage Weapons got slightly increased.
The quantity of required materials to craft Dynasty Items ahs been lowered.
D to B-grade weapon parts will not drop any longer, therefor the full items can drop again (guess thats limited to the weapons you can purchase from NPCs)
Drops will vanish after 10minutes if they are not picked up (this does not apply to Items droped by players).
Dynasty-Dual-Swords Patk/Matk got adjusted to fit the new S82-grade. Icarus Shooter Patk got increased.


Territory Wars

Territory Wars are battles focused around clan and individual players

1.1 Territory
A territory consists of the entire area of a city, including residences, [something], fortresses, castle areas; basically everything that players can take over and benefit from.

1.2 Territory Borderlines
There are 9 territorial areas:
gludio、dion、giran、oren、aden、innadril、goddard、rune、 schuttgart

1.3 Territory Announcement

Annoucement Conditions

After a castle seige, the clan that owns the castle will automatically announce occupation of the territory of the castle
After announcement a [Territory Management] NPC will appear in the castle

Can collect various quest rewards and gain access to a special shop
After announcement a [Mercenary General] NPC will appear outside the frontgate of the castle

Normal players can purchase mercenary transformation scrolls from the NPC to participate in the territory battle
Once a player completes cetina quests as a mercenary, the player can upgrade into a better mercenary
Can buy battleground consumuption items here

1.4 Territory Ownership Announcement

After the territory announcement, the occupying clan can start the [Destiny of Ownership(I made the name up :P)] quest, the following should be noted regarding the ownership announcement
Ownership announcment conditions

Fortress(es) in the territory (except border outposts) need to be aligned with the castle
Completed quest [Destiny of Ownership]
Must announce ownership 2 hours before a teritorial war
After announcing ownership

Becoming owner is a requirement for upgrading to clan level 11
All NPCs will have the owner's clan tag next to their names
the Maximum Sale of seeds and purchase of crops increased by 10%
Lost of ownership

Disolution of clan
Lost of the territory's castle
After th lost of ownership, all ownership effects will disappear (clan level 11 too? i dunno)

1.5 Territorial War
Pre-war phase

Teritorial war week will be in sync with castle seige weeks, i.e. occur in the same week, and will happen once every other week
Territory War will occur at 8-10pm on saturdays (because of this change saturday seiges will be moved to sundays)
Start of Territory War

The start of territory war has no relationship to ownership of the territory, once the time has come to start, it will start
Registration to battle

One can approach a given territory's [Mercenary General] NPC in front of castle to register
You can register as an individual or as a clan
Clan registration: Clan members with the right permissions can register the entire clan to the war via the Clan Window
Individual Registration: Can approach the NPC to register
Must register 2 hours ahead of the war
Owner of the territory will be automatically registered
Territory War begins

Once the war starts, all fortresses and castles will become battle grounds
Unregistered players within these battlefield areas will be teleported out of the areas
Ower of territory and their alliance can set up flags and advance flags within a battle ground
Other participating clans can setup flags (only normal ones)
Castle and fortress gates are not attackable
10 minutes before a war, you can setup seige channels (you used ^ to chat)
Seige channels will close 10min after war
When war starts, castles will spawn a relic, fortresses will have catipults
If there are more than 1 contracts between castle and fortresses in the territory, defending NPCs will have better gear

Similar to seiging, there will be 3 different forces [my army / enemy army / neutral]
registered clan and alliance will be considered [my army]
all other registered players are [enemy army]
unregistered players are [neutral]
Registered players will have a flag above their heads, display their relationship to you
Players cannot force attack [my army]
PLayers can directly attack [enemy army] and [neutral]
범위 공격은 타겟의 ‘아군’과 ‘무’관계 대상에게 데미지를 입힙니다.(untranslated)
PK count will not increase in battle ground
Clans in war with each other will not increase PK count either
Unregistered players leaving battle areas will have purple names for 120s
Registered players will not drop items or gain death penalty when dying in battle grounds
Unregistered players will suffer normal death penalties
Registered users have the following revival spots:
clan hall, closest village, clan area[no idea], frontal base
1.6 Frontal Base

Castle Owner can build a frontal base
CLan leader will use 120 B Gemstones to create base
Can only build 1 base, but you can demolish base and rebuild it at another location
Base cannot be destroyed
Area surrounding the base will give [my army] an additional 100% HP and MP regen rate
[my army] can revive at frontal base at death
after end of war base wil dissapear automatically

1.7 Vitory Conditions

Territory Holy Relic

At start of war Relic will appear at castles
After entering the castle and destroying an enemy's relic, you can take the enemy's relic
Once you take their relic to [my army]'s frontal base you gain control of the relic
After gaining control of the relic, the enemy's relic will respawn at [my army]'s castle
After taking the enemy's reli, it's position will be displayed on the minimap
if the player holding the replic dies or disconnects, the relic will drop to the ground
in short: capture the flag. You take the flag from castle to frontal base. blah blah blha i'm not sure
Catapults will appear at fortresses when war starts
Catapults can be destroyers by enemy players
Once a catapult is destroyed, all remaining NPC defenses will dissapear, castle doors will over and fortress defensive are deactivated

1.8 Mercenary
Usage Requirements
Except for castle owning alliance members, all registered players can participate as a mercenary
Change of character name

Players can purchase a [some item name] from Mercenary General (this item changes your name and appearance)
Can use 10 minutes before war, will revert back to normal 10muinutes after war
Normal chat and shout chat will display your fake name
Warning! Trade and party windows will show your true name
If player dies or disconnects, the fake name will remain
When using fake appearance, one cannot common craft, dwarven craft or setup store.
Mercenary Transformation

When a war starts, lvl 40 and above players can purchase a mercenary transformation scroll from Mercenary General
You cannot gain xp or sp while transformed to this state, nor can you obtain xp via partying, but can gain fame
ifyou complete the [Way of a Mercenary] quest, you can purchase a better transformation
Tansformation duration is 30min, death will not cancel the transformation
Red players (including players with demonic weapons) and olympiad participants cannot use this transformation

1.9 Rewards
Territorial Abilities

Different territories give different territorial abilities
After war, all clan members (except academy members) will gain their respective territory abilities
The abilities will be affected be the relics you have obtaiend and the number of them you have obtained.
If you have 1 relic in aden castle you gain 1 ability, if you get N relicks you will gain N abilities
Territorial Abilities table:
gludio STR + 1 / NIT + 1 dion
DEX+1 / WIT + 1 giran
STR + 1 / MEN + 1 oren CON + 1 / MEN + 1 aden
DEX + 1 / WIT + 1 innadril
CON + 1 / INT + 1 goddard
DEX + 1 / INT + 1 rune
STR + 1 / WIT + 1 schuttgart
CON + 1 / WIT + 1
Change of clan leader will not affect the relics quntity nor territory abilities
All relic information can be seen from the mini map

Territory Products

Registered players can speak the [Territory Manager] to purchase territory products

Type Effect S Grade Weapon Warrior
Physical Normal Attack +10%
Magic Damage Taken - 10% Wizard
Type Physical Damage Taken - 10%
Magic + 10% A Grade Armour
鬥魂阿貝拉 When equiped, you only lose 40% of what you would normally lose
Belts Belt Increase defense
asite Bag
When combiend with Belt, can increase inventory space Buckle When combined with belt can increase max weight limit A Jewellery Necklace Increase Magic and attribute defense ring BSoE
BSoE Can BSoE to specific towns
頭飾 - -
Purchase of these products require [territory badge] and adena
Following can be purchased from the [Mercenary General]

Item Effect Claok Allows purchasing items from Special Items Merchant
座龍 Allows purchasing items from Mercenary General
Cloak can only be used by Castle Owning clan members, it is a S84 Item... Requires one to be a rank of Knight or above to equip cloak

Territory Badge

During Territory war, once can do quests given by the [Territory manger]. Completion of the quest will give different badges depending on the territory you are in.
Territory War quests belong to a new special category of quests introduced this update

Players can use territory badges to apply to become Royalty
You do not need a subclass to apply to become Royalty

Hunting Grounds

7.1 Gracia & Seeds
Gracia is this updates newest hunting area, within it are new hunting areas we will now call 'seeds', they are buildings summoned from another dimension by Followers of Shillien, they are also the reason why Gracia is now in a state of chaos, the defeated inhabitants of Gracia requested assistance from Elmore and hence we have the [Gracia Alliance], ready to retaliate.

7.2 Indestructable Seed
The indestructable seed is located on the North Side of Gracia Continent, because this seed is occupied by the "Immortal [insert name of boss here]", he is a minion of Shillien and is immortal
LVL 75+ instanced zone
Can enter the Indestructable Seed via [some area name]
Seed can be divided int [core of pain] , [core of decay] and [core of indestructibility], players must capture theses areas and in the end defend these areas from retaliation
You can obtain S82 and S84 items via quests here
When you capture a point one can start collecting parts used to make [attrubute stones??]
Capture ORder

attack「core of pain」、「core of decay」
attack「core of indestructibility」
capture finished
defend「core of pain」
defend「core of pain」、「core of decay」
defend「core of indestructibility」
Entrance requirements (untranslated)


7.3 Destruction Seed

Located on the west side of Gracia, occupied by [name] of the [dragon rider army], [name] has great destructive powers with his dragon rider army, using this almost perfect army, built this great construction (the seed)
LVL 75+ isntaence zone
You can enter this area from [the secret blah blah area]
can obtain S82 and S84 items via quests
When you capture a point one can start collecting parts used to make [attrubute stones??]
Dragon race invasion

Players must fight like they are seiging a castle. Destroy the gates and the crystals then kill [name] and you will have succesfully invaded
Players can form groups of consisting of up to 45 LVL 75 players to enter this instanced zone
Players can obtain more information from the [name of npc] NPC

When Gracia Alliance Captures the area

This state means players have already conquered the [Destruction Fortress] and can fdo whatever they want inside
Players can fight [dragon army prisoners] via the prison guard
To gather intel on dragon army's retailation attack, players must send out recon units to the surrounding areas to observe enemy movement

When Graci Alliance is defending

After capturing the destruction fortress, the dragon army will make retailiation attack, players much join the Gracia Alliance in the defense, there is no limit to the # of players who can join
When the battle starts, You cannot enter the Destruction Seed
Players must protect the [Destruction Seed Control Device] against the dragon army from destroying it
If defense fails, the Dragon Army will reclaim the fortress and Destruction seed
Players can see the status of the Destruction Fortress via the mini map

7.4 Arial Hunting Grounds

Players can use a flying transformation in Gracia, various locations will have [Ariel Hunting Leaders] that allows players to hunt
Players can receive various quests the will take you up to the skies
When fighting in air, monster drops will automatically go into a player's inventory, and will not be droped to the ground

7.5 Hunting Grounds Changes

Valakas (I think)

To encourage more variety in classes participating, monster AI will have more variations and randomness
When Valaks is going nuts and randomly attacking players, Valakas will attack knights with a higher chances
Added new ranged attacks, including spells against healers and AoE attacks
Valakas's defense and offense will change according the ratio of ranged and melee charaters present; when there are more melee, Valakas's pdef and mdef will drop significantly; when there are more ranged, Valakas's attack power will increase alot.
Changed Valakas's lair's terrain, removing surrounding mountain formations

Silent Valley

Increased hunting efficiency of melee characters
Monsters will drop herbs
Monsters will not attack summons and pets, and only attack the player
When hunting, there's a chance a [Ancient Chest] will drop, guards will spawn along with the chest; these guards will be very strong, one will have to observe the guards' weaknesses and traits to obtain the treasure chest.
Swamp of Screams

increased hunting efficiency of melee classes
monsters will drop herbs
Lucky Monster

the [Lucky Monster] will randomly appear in [Valley of Saints, Forst of the Dead, Dino Island, Silent Valley]
killing this lucky monster gives a chance to give a [pretty good reward]



Territory Wars are battles focused around clans or individuals

2.1 Clan Level up

Max clan level increased to 11
Clan Level 11 requirements: 75000 Clan Fame + 170 Clan members + owner of territory

2.2 Order of Knights
At clan level 11, Each Order of Knights Capacity increased to 30

2.3 Additional Clan Skills

Clan lvl 11 skills

盟誓-血盟體魄 (I think max HP)
lvl3 Clan Fame 13200 + Earth Egg x 10 盟誓-奮戰不懈 (I think pdef)
lvl3 Clan Fame 13200 + Earth Egg x 10 盟誓-鋼鐵意志 (I think resistance to mental attacks)
lvl3 Clan Fame 13200 + Soul of Angel x 10

03 . Seiges

3.1 Change of Seige Dates

Due to the introduction of Territory Wars, Saturday seiges will be moved to sunday. Seige times will stay the same, i.e. current sunday ones at 4-6pm preciously saturday ones at 8-10pm

04 . 根據地

4.1 競標型根據地變更
(dunno what this is <_< some changes to some area)

05 . Residences

5.1 [New Instance Zone]

ALl clan members of castle and fortress owning clans have access to this instance zone
This zone will be a quest-based dungeon
Players can enter this new area by speaking to the [Dungeon manger] at teh castle or the [supplies officer] at the fortress

5.2 Dungeon Changes

Catacomb/Necropolis monsters increased in experience and drop rewards








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