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Kamael Plus Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
one of these end game sets? We got
the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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More then 120 Wallpapers...
Our wallpaper database is constantly
beeing updated. It also features
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Personal Reputation Points & PVP Bonus
Lineage 2 Gracia

CT 2 Final Gracia Skills List and Changes
Lineage 2

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 final skill list

Skill Learn requirement changes
The following lvl 80- skills

  • Skills/Spells that require you to learn from a skill trainer will not not require a spell/skill book
  • Skills that you learn straight from a book (e.g. combo buffs) will remain the same

Level 81+ skills

  • All Unique skills is now obtainable only from the new Olympiad Store using Olympiad Coins.
  • All the general skillbooks will be obtainable by fighting dungeon bosses.

Changes to learn level of skills
The old lvl81+ skills will have the following skill learn level changes
Occupation skills: lvl 81 (e.g. knights, archers, buffers are all occupations)

Class skills: lvl 82
Common skills: lvl83
Skill books obtained prior to the patch will remain learnable at lvl 81

New Skills (81+)

lvl 82 Negate Magic (lvl 81)

  • Mdef increase by 100% for 20min
  • Knights

l2 Ultimate Secret (lvl 81)

  • Increase PVP physical damage by 30% for 30s
  • Duelist, Dreadnought, Grand Kavatari, Titan, Meastro, Bounty Hunter, Doom Bringer

l2 Hide Lv.81

  • 100% Invisibility
  • All dagger users

4 Dual Dagger Mastery Lv.81

  • Increase patk when using dual daggers
  • All daggers

Chain Shot Lv.81

  • Shoot 7 consecutive arrows at target, can shoot a maximum of 7 times
  • All Archers

Revelation Nuker Lv.81

    • Increase matk 40%, casting speed 50%, magic critcal 50%, decrease mp consumption 90%, 20s duration
    • Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer, soul taker, Soul Hound

Revelation support Lv.81

    • Healing strength Increase by 40%, casting speed increase by 50%, magic critical increase by 50%, decrease mp consumption by 90%
    • Eva Saint Bishop Shillien Siant Heirophant Dominator Doom Cryer

l2 Meteor Shower Lv.81

    • Summon Meteor shower to attack an area
    • Archmage, Soul Taker

l2 Star Fall Lv.81

    • Star fall damages an area
    • Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer

Turn into Stone Lv.81

    • Turn yourself into stone, cannot take any damage (self medusa)
    • Eva Saint, Bishop, Shillien Saint, Prophet, Dominator

Summon Pheonix Lv.83

    • Summon a small pheonix to battle鬥
    • Pheonix Knight

Song of Redemption Lv.83

    • Remove 80% of party member's debuffs, also increases resistance to sleep/trance/para/root by 40%
    • Sword Muse

Dance of Beserker Lv.83

    • Incrases party member's patk, matk, atk speed, casting speed, movement speed, but decreases pdef, mdef and evasion for 2min
    • Specteral Dancer

Force Maximum Focus Lv.83

    • Instantly increase force value to maximum
    • Grand Khavitari

l2 Sonic Maximum Focus Lv.83

    • Instantly increase sonic value o maximum
    • Duelist

l2 Cat combine Lv.83

    • Combine with cat summon, can use summon specific skills, can only cast when summon is summoned
    • Arcane Master

l2 Demon combine Lv.83

    • Combine with summon, can use summon specific skills, can only cast when summon is summoned
    • Specteral Master

l2 Unicorn Combine Lv.83

    • Combine with summon, can use summon specific skills, can only cast when summon is summoned
    • Elemental Summoner

Lucky Strike Lv.83

    • Attacks surrounding enemies, spoils targets
    • Bounty Hunter

Eye for Eye Lv.83

    • Reflect normal physical attack damage and physical skill damage back to attacker
    • Doombringer

Counter Critical (buff) Lv.83

    • Decreases critical damage taken, after taking a certain amount of critical damage, can increase critical damage for 8seconds
    • Heirophant

Paagrio's Attack Lv.83

    • Damage to Target and targets surrounding target, also slowly decreases HP, can only be used when equipped with a blunt weapon, can overhit
    • Dominator

Hatred Lv.83

    • Party members gain a [burning] attack when attacking
    • Doom Crier

New Skills Lvl 80

l2 Power attack Lv.40

    • Attacks a single target with spear
    • Warlord

Flame Lv.40

    • Reflects eneymy damage, continuously consumes HP
    • Overlord, Warcrier

Scar of Shillien Lv.40

    • Greatly decreases melee damage on target
    • Shillien Elder

Collector's Experience Lv.58

    • Increase blunt patk by 72, increase shield block by 10%
    • bounty hunter

Reflect Magic Lv.60

    • Can reflect enemy's magic,
    • Knights

Detect hide Lv.74

    • Can detect hidden targets
    • Hawkeye, Silverranger, phantomranger

l2 Fatal stab Lv.76

    • Using spear to attack 1 target, cannot be shield blocked, can lethal
    • Dreadnought

Magic Weapon Mastery nuker Lv.76

    • When equipped with a magic enhancer, increases MP regeneration and matk
    • Archmage, Soultaker, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer

Magic Weapon Mastery support Lv.76

    • When equipped with a magic enhancer, increases MP regeneration and healing strength
    • Bishop, Eva Saint, Shillien Saint, Dominator

Magic Weapon Mastery summoner Lv.76

    • When equipped with magic enhancer, increase MP regeneration and maximum MP
    • Arcana Lord, Specteral Master, Elemental Master

Magic Weapon Mastery buffer Lv.76

    • When equipped with a magic enhancer, increases MP regenration and max MP
    • Heirophant, Doomcrier

Absorb Soul Lv.76

    • Continuously absorb souls from target
    • All Kamael

New skills learnable from books

Paagrio's Combat Lv.70

    • Increase Clan member's patk and pdef
    • Overlord

Chant of Movement Lv.72

    • Increase party member's evasion and movement speed
    • Warcryer

Paargrio's soul Lv.72

    • Increases Clan Member's Maximum HP and MP
    • Overlord

Paargrio's critical attack Lv.74

    • Increases Clan member's critical rate and critical damage
    • Overlord