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Seed of Destruction - Gracia

Seed of Destruction
Gracia 2.3 Walkthrough

Seed of destruction lineage 2

This one-time quest which can be picked up at level 75 starts with Admiral Keucereus who is standing in the back part of the Keucereus Alliance Base. Although it is possible to travel to the Seed of Destruction by Airship, it is a prerequisite for this quest that you have learned an Aerial Transformation.

Keucereus, the commander of the Alliance named after him, is recruiting adventurers for the fight against Shilen's followers in the Seed of Destruction. When you click on "I am prepared to bring fundamental change to the Seed of Destruction" , he will send you with a letter of introduction to Sergeant Arrenos at that stronghold, where you are to report for duty.

You can go to the Seed of Destruction individually, using your Aerial Transformation and thus getting some flight training, or you can have a clan Airship deposit you there. All methods of flying seem to work.

Because the space at the Seed of Destruction landing points is rather limited, landing there requires a lot of precision. The Seed of Destruction has over all four entrances with landing patches; Sergeant Arrenos is at the south entrance. Because at the south entrance the Airship Control Device is located, it can be easily distinguished from the others.

When you walk towards the inside, you will see Sergeant Arrenos standing there. This is the place where the Alliance is enlisting adventurers for the fight in the Seed of Destruction.

Talk to Arrenos and deliver Admiral Keucereus' letter of introduction. Arrenos will reward you with 29,174 adena, 176,121 exp and 17,671 SP

Once you have completed this quest you will be permitted to enter the Seed of Destruction and you can pick up further quests that involve battling the monsters in there. Penetrating into the Seed of Destruction is extremely dangerous, therefore only groups of 36 to 45 players connected by Command Channel are allowed to enter.




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