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The Enveloping Darkness

The Enveloping Darkness
Lineage 2 Gracia 2.3 Quest

The Enveloping Darkness Gracia 2.3 Quest

This one-time quest which can be picked up at level 75 starts with Soldier Orbyu in the back part of the Keucereus Alliance Base. It is a prerequisite for the quest that you have learned an Aerial Transformation, have done the quest "To the Seed of Destruction" and take part in a group of 36-45 players who do the Seed of Destruction instance.

Soldier Orbyu had been given by Admiral Keucereus the order to find somebody who would perform a mission for the Alliance. But since it is difficult to fulfill said task alone, he did not entrust many people with this mission. You are one of the chosen few in whom Orbyu has confidence.

A group of experts had been dispatched to the Seed of Destruction to investigate the secret activities the Dragon Horse Army stationed there has recently been engaged in. Only one man came back alive. Now the heavily traumatized soldier just calls himself "L". Orbyu tells you to talk to him and listen to more information.

The Enveloping Darkness Gracia 2.3 Quest

Soldier L had been on escort duty for the experts who went to investigate the Seed of Destruction. The group had successfully sneaked into the stronghold, but while they were gathering intelligence they were discovered and attacked by Dragon Horse Soldiers. The experts and their military escort got wiped out. Only L could, heavily injured, escape the slaughter. There was one of the experts, by the name of Medival, who carried on him the records of the investigation. Your task is to bring Medival's Notes safely back to the base of the Keucereus Alliance.

You can enter the Seed of Destruction twice a week (the dungeon is reset at 6:30am on Wednesday and Saturday) as part of a group of 36-45 players linked by Commend Channel. For getting to the main square of the Seed stronghold you best study the Seed of Destruction Walkthrough. Medival's Corpse can be found not far from the Obelisk in the center of the square. Click on the Corpse and retrieve Medival's Notes.

Back at the base, talk to L. The soldier is deeply grateful that you completed for him the mission he could not fulfill; now the death of his comrades was not in vain. L sends you on to Orbyu to collect your reward.

Orbyu is delighted to finally hold Medival's report about the secret activities of the Dragon Horse Army in his hand. He will reward you with 62,516 adena, 377,403 exp and 37,867 SP.

You can now pick up from Orbyu the sequel to this quest - Light Fragment.







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