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Hellbound Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
one of these end game sets? We got
the list of every Weapon and Class with
full statistics info: Icarus Weapons,
Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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At subclass level 65 and L70 you get to pick 1 of the following four passives:

Sub-Attack Beginner : increases PAtk.
Sub-Defense Beginner : increases PDef.
Sub-Empower Beginner : increases MAtk.
Sub-Magic Defense Beginner : increases Magic Resistance.


Warrior (Destro, BH, Tyrant, Glad, Warlord, SB, BZ)
Passive Greater CP Boost: +738 cp
Passive Resist Debuff
Active Chance Haste: +33% atk speed, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 461 procs)

Single Weapon Hits Per second = Attack Speed / 500
Dual Weapon Hits Per second = (Attack Speed * 2) / 500

Rogue (Dagger/Archer, Arb)
Passive Long Shot: +200 bow range
Passive Boost Evasion: +4 evasion
Active Chance Critical: +30% crit rate, 15 sec, 1% trigger rate per swing (out of 45951 hits only 459 procs)

Knight (Pally, DA, TK, SK)
Passive Greater HP Boost: +6%
Passive Resist Critical Damage: +3% reduction
Active Counter Boost Mdef/Pdef: +20%m/pdef, 15 sec

Summoner (Warkock, PS, ES)
Passive Boost HP/MP: +147 HP / +74 MP
Passive Resist Elements: +5 resist
Active Boost Cast Speed/ Power: +7% matk, +8% cast speed, 15 sec

Nuker (SH, SpS, Sorc, Necro)
Passive Boost Magic Resist: +5% Magic Resist Rate
Passive Boost Recharge Rate: +20 mp per recharge
Active Counter Mana Vampire: 10 mp, 3% chance (17mp w/mana gain passive)

Healer (SE, EE, Bish)
Passive Increase Self Healing: +19 HP on heals
Passive Resist Divine Elements: +5 resist
Active Counter Self Heal: +183 HP, 3% chance

Enchanter (PP, WC, BD, SwS, Inspector)
Passive Greater MP Boost: +148 MP
Passive Boost MP Regeneration: +0.5 MP/tick
Active Counter Invunerability: 5 sec, 3% chance


Great Physical Defence (+29 p.def)
Great Magic Defence (+50 m.def)
Great Physical Offence (+? p.atk)
Great Magic Offence (+29 m.atk)
Critical Rate (+30 critical)
Magic Casting (+11 cast.spd)

For EACH subclass you get to level 75 in the following category you can learn one of the following skills.

Summoner Class (Warlock, ES, PS, Necro)
Summoner Ability - Boost HP/MP : increases Max. HP and Max. MP
Summoner Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.
Summoner Ability - Spirit : When you get hit, you get possessed by a soul at certain chance.
Summoner Ability - Resist Attribute : increases resistances to elemental attributes

Healer Class (SE, EE, Bishop)
Healer Ability - Casting Speed Up : increases Magic Casting Speed.
Healer Ability - Prayer : increases his recovery effect from healing spells. lvl1 effect.
Healer Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.
Healer Ability - Heal : when you get hit, you recover your HP at certain chance.

Warrior Class (Glad, Warlord, Dwarves, Tyrant, Destroyer)
Warrior Ability - Might : increases PAtk.
Warrior Ability - Critical Chance : increases Critical Chance.
Warrior Ability - Haste : when you attack, increases attack speed at certain chance.
Warrior Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.

Knight Class (All Tanks and BD/SWS)
Knight Ability - Boost HP : increases Max. HP.
Knight Ability - Resist Trait : increases resistances to paralyse, hold, sleep, shock, cancel debuffs.
Knight Ability - Defense : when you get hit, your defense increases at certain chance.
Knight Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.

Enchanter Class (Heirophant, Doom Cryer)
Enchanter Ability - Boost Mana
Enchanter Ability - Mana Recovery
Enchanter Ability - Barrier : when you get hit, you become invincible temporarily at certain chance.
Enchanter Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.

Rogue Class (All Archers and Daggers)
Rogue Ability - Evasion
Rogue Ability - Long Shot
Rogue Ability - Critical Chance : when you attack, critical chance increases at certain chance.
Rogue Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.

Wizard Class (Archmage/Mystic Muse/Storm Screamer)
Wizard Ability - Empower
Wizard Ability - Mana Gain
Wizard Ability - Mana Steal :when you attack, recovers your MP at certain chance.
Wizard Ability - Defense Expert : increases PDef. and MDef.

When your SubClass reaches lvl80 you gain the following transformation skill depending on what category your subclass is.

Transform Divine Warrior
Transform Divine Knight
Transorm Divine Wizard
Transorm Divine Enchanter
Transorm Divine Healer
Transorm Divine Summoner
Transorm Divine Rogue

LVL 81 Skills:
Fighter's Will - when equips melee weapon, increases PAyk and increases PATK and Attack Speed instantly when you use Melee weapon. (Fighter Class)
Archer's Will - When equips bow, increases PAtk and increases Accuracy and Attack range when you use bow. (Fighter Class)
Anti Magic Armor - instantly increases Magic resistance greatly (Pheonix Knight, Eva's Templar, Shilien Templar)

Sonic Cyclone - Spins with both arms. (Duelist)
Weapon Blockade - blocks target's weapon instantly. (Duelist)

Dread Pull - sprays the power of horror. makes around enemies flee with PAtk Matk decreasing debuff. (Dreadnought)

Protection of Rune - increases Magic Resistance and increases it greatly when you get hit by great damage. (guessing Doom Cryer)
Protection of Elemental - increases resistance to elemental attributes and increases it greatly when you get hit by elemental attack. (guessing Doom Cryer)
Protection of Alignment - increases resistance to holy/unholy attributes and increases it greatly when you get hit by holy/unholy attack. (guessing Doom Cryer)

Insanity Crusher - When you are furious, gives strong blows around enemies. only with swords and blunts. ignores shield defense. Overhit possible. Power 9014 (Titan)
Demolition Impact - throws shockwave of demolition forward. critical possible, overhit possible power 5750 (Titan)

Hell Scream - Roars with Hell's Voice. make enemies flee with horror and make their Pdef and MDef low. (Hell Knight)
Seed of Revenge (Hell Knight) - unknown

Blade Storm (Spectral Dancer)

Song of Wind Storm-(Sword Muse)

Expose Weak Point - when you are hit or are hit by enemy, instantly expose weak point, and make enemy's defence low and increases the chance of critical attack (Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter)
Six Sense (Adventurer, Ghost Hunter, Wind Rider) - unknown
Wind Riding - runs in battle field like wind.(?) instantly increase himself run speed/evasion/critical attack/evasion to physical skill greatly (Wind Rider)
Exciting Adventure (Adventurer) - unknown
Ghost Walking - unknown (Ghost Hunter)

Spirit of Phoenix - shares soul with phoenix. phoenix's soul will be expanded when you get hit at certain chance. when expanded, you get additional effect (Phoenix Knight)
Eva's Will - shows eva's will through himself. Eva's Will grows when you get hit at certain chance. when grows, you get additional effect. (Eva's Templar)
Pain of Shillien - shares pains with Shillien. Shillien's Pain will grow when you get hit at certain chance. when grows, you get additional effect. (Shillien Templar)

Flame Hawk - shoots arrows with Pheonix's power. Critical Attack possible. only with Bow equipment. Overhit possible. Power 5750 ((Sagittarius)
Arrow Rain - falls rain of Arrows from sky. only with bow. Overhit possible Power 4312 (Moonlight Sentinel)
Ghost Piercing - pierces everything with ghost's arrow. critical possible. only with bow. Overhit possible. Power 6037. (Ghost Sentinel)

Force of Destruction - inserts power of destruction to the target. needs lvl2 Focused Force. only with Fists. Critical possible Power 2516 (Grand Khavatari)
Unknown - gives strong punch with great damage and shock effect. Power 4133 (unknown)

Golem Armor - transform into a chaos golem battle mecha and use new combat skills. (Maestro)
Unknown - cancel enemy's buffs around Golem (Maestro)
Unknown - gives special fuel to golem and makes it more powerful (Maestro)

Flame Armor - wears armor of flame. increases resistance to fire attribute and gives burning damage to attacking enemies. (Archmage)
Frost Armor - wears armor of Frost. increases resistance to water attribute and make slow to attacking enemies. (Mystic Muse)
Hurricaine Armor - wears armor of Hurricaine. increases to wind attribute and make attacking enemies' attack speed slow. (Storm Screamer)
Vampiric Mist - Sprays mist that absorbs around enemies' HP. Power 117 (Soul Taker)

Servitor Barrier - make summons invincible instantly. consumes 5 sps ores. (Summoners)
Excessive Loyalty - when you get hit, make their summon furious. (Summoners)
Mutual Response - When you attack, recovers summon's HP and MP (Summoners)
Summon Smart Cubic - removes debuff of master. (Shillien Templar, Eva's Templar, Summoners)

Sublime Self Sacrifice - by sacrificing himself, makes party members invincible (Cardinal)

Blessing of Eva - gives blessing of eva and recovers all HP/MP and removes some Debuffs at certain chance (Eva's Saint)

Thorn Root - instantly gives ranged aoe hold debuff. decreases HP continuously. can't give hold attack additionaly while this effect. (Shillien Saint)
Lord of Vampire - unknown (Shillien Saint)

Seal of Limit - temporarily limits recovery of HP,MP and CP around enemies. (Dorminator)

Soul Cleanse - removes all debuffs to himself. consumes 2 souls (Berserker, Arbalester, Soul Breaker)
Curse of Life Flow - gives a curse to enemy and make them lose vital force. at certain chance, recovers HP from attacking enemy. consumes 2 souls (Soul Breaker)
Soul Vortex Extinction (Soul Hound) - unknown
Soul Barrier (Arbalester, Berserker) - unknown
Soul Strike (Soul Hound) - unknown
Wild Shot : fires bolts. critical possible. only with bowgun. overhit possible. consumes 2 souls. Power 5750 (Trickster)
Lightning Barrier - gives electrical current near enemies. makes them paralyze instantly. (Soul Hound)
Rush Impace (Doom Bringer) - unknown
Mass Disarm - disarms all weapons around enemies. (Doom Bringer)
Soul Vortex (Soul Hound) - unknown
Betrayal Mark (Trickster) - unknown

Empower Combat - PAtk and Pdef, gives more improved battle ability. lvl1 effect. (Hierophant)
Empower Magic - with increasement of MAtk and MDef, gives more imporved magic ability. lvl1 effect. (Shillien Saint)
Empower Condition - with increasement of Max. HP and Max. MP, gives more imporved HP and MP. lvl1 effect (Hierophant).
Empower Critical - with increasement of Critical Chance and Critical Damage, gives more improved Critical Effects. lvl1 effect (Hierophant, Shillien Saint)
Empower Shield Defence - with increasement of Shield Defence Chance and Shield Defence Power, gives more imporved Shield Defence Effects. lvl1 effect (Eva's Saint)
Empower Movement - with increasement of Runspeed and Evasion, gives more improved movement effects lvl1 effect (Eva's Saint)











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