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Lineage 2 Godess of Destruction
Patch Notes

Lineage 2
Godess of Destruction Patch Notes 01/28/2011

01/28/2010 NCSOFT Korean shared with the public plans for the update.

lineage 2 godess of destruction aden

City of Aden in Lineage 2 Godess of Destruction (animated image)

Below is a brief preliminary information about the update: Here is a brief preliminary information about the update:

1.First update:

- Update is scheduled for installation on PTS in March 2011. It is planned to hold a series of events and activities related to running the upgrade is planned to hold a series of events and activities related to running the upgrade

2.Second update:

2.1.Awakening system

- The player to reach level 85 will get 4 profession through a special quest that the complexity of the passage will be much easier than the quest for 2 and 3 of the profession.

- 4 profession - the integration of existing jobs in 8 common occupations

- Existed for three professional skills will be taught on, instead of two professional skill is better to use the system skill of awakening

- After passing through the system wake-up, each player will receive a special cloak and mount

2.2.News classes/skills

- Sigil Knight:

Role: Tank, the main task of protecting party members to attack different mobs auras

Class concerns: Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Eva's Remplar, Shilien Templar

News skills (! I don't have information for name this news skills sorry guys !):

_ The aura effect Haight monsters, party members has the following effects: an increase MDef, protection from mental, physical attack, the protection of the camp

_ Pulling a monster with a chain

_ At critical moments can invulnerability to party

_ Summon Cube,Summon Golden Lion

_ Debuffs the target

- Tyr Warrior:

Role: application was severely damaged in the melee, can use any weapon, including the pair of swords or blunt.Maximum rapid destruction of the surrounding mobs.

Classes concerns
: Doombringer, Maestro, Duelist, Grand Khavatari, Titan, Dreadnought

News skills

- Possibility to attack the target, keeping in the hands of two handed weapon

- A soldier can instantly reach the goal, knock her down and attack from all sides

- Ohsel Log:

Role: finding weak spots in the monster melee attack targets behind, the imposition of debuffs on target to ease her murder, using tanks to protect the players from the mobs

Classes concerns: Adventurer, Ghost Hunter, Wind Rider, Fortune Seeker united classes: Adventurer, Ghost Hunter, Wind Rider, Fortune Seeker

News skills:

- Invisibility to others, knocking down target with the mob, the imposition of a poison debuff, reducing movement speed, casting, attack

- Creation of multiple twins

- Feo Wizard:

Role: magic attack any target environment, the ability to change the course of an attribute attack and use 2 skill at the same time

Classes concerns: Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer, Soultaker, SoulHound

News skills:

- The ability to change on the run attribute nuke

- the opportunity to cast two skill at the same time, including with different attributes

- The  ability to gather a bunch of monsters

- Summoner

Role: the ability to Summon any servitor in quantities of three pieces: for example, may simultaneously cause a cat, a horse and a shadow.Caused by the servitor must be either one type or three different roles: tank, mage, physical attack, holds debuffs lowering opponent's magic defense.

Concerns classes: Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master classes are united by: Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, Spectral Master

News skills

- The possibility of Summon up to 3 summon pet the same time as 3 identical or different, and 3 (warrior, mage, tank)

- The use of debuffs and retention purposes to help the magician

- Archer

Role: attack from a far distance, the ability to control the target's movement

Concerns classes: Saggitarius, Ghost Sentinel, Moonlight Sentinel, Trickster

News skills :

- Use of arrows with different kinds of effects

- Archery with the fast speed

- Enchanter

Role: the imposition of various buffs on the party players or clan, the imposition of different debuffs to one or more goals. The possibility of using dual weapons inflict additional attacks.

Concerns classes: Hierophant, Doomcryer, Dominator, Sword Muse, Spectral Dancer, Judicator

News skills

- Song and dance will be combined into a single skills.

- Aura, aimed at strengthening the attack, defense

- With Blunt and duals can make an instant move to the goal

- The ability to quickly save the game from the spot battle

- Various transformation to protect the party

- Healer

Role: treatment of the surrounding players, creating a safe zone where no one can attack players, creating a special totem protects players from debuffs, the presence of Summon helping in the battle

Concerns classes: Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shilien Saint united classes: Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shilien Saint

News skills

- Creating a protective barrier around the party, which does not allow monsters to get inside

- Creation of the totem that removes debuffs target

- Possibility of becoming a Agathion to treat a specific purpose

- Availability of Summon magician to help fight

2.3.Change for the party

- Lot size of players has been reduced from 9 to 7 and the optimal composition is as follows: 1 tank, 4 players attack, 1 enchanters, 1 healer

-  the system auto-fit players in the game as the development of party matching system

2.4.Update for class and subclass

- The main class and subclass one can pump up to 99 levels

- Switch between the main class and subclass can be anywhere, but will be rolled back between switching around 5-10 minutes.

- When switching lost all imposed buffs

2.5.News and change racial abilities  

- Added racial abilities unique to each race

- Canceled a number of restrictions in connection with the merger of classes. A striking example of Kamael: Kamael can wear robe and heavy armor.

3.News Interface

- Interface study skills will be changed by opening the window of skills you will immediately see what skills have not been studied

- Will be displayed castes skill as a goal and a player

- The developers decide what compensation to give players the abolition of skill enchant, as the study skills of awakening all the old skills will be eliminated at the player

- Improved system of allocating targets

- Improved list of friends, ignoring, clan

- Added a system of recording and publishing the game on youtube

- Added ability to listen to any music through the game interface (there are differences in other regions due to copyright)

- Vitality system will extend to the entire account and added the ability to influence the drop rate of items

4.News start

- All races will start the game in one place: Talking Island, but it will be divided into two parts. One part of the island will be destroyed and instead will be E Sagira, one for character development from 1 to 40 level. Will change it all now existing quests and zones flow for these levels.

- Charging from 40 to 85 level will be significantly simplified: new locations will be added and changed old ones.

- To the existing two epic bosses will be added 3 more in the form of dungeon zones.

5.News Armor:

- Will add a new grade of subjects: R-Grade, consisting of 5 sets

The above changes to be implemented within 7-8 months.






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