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Lineage 2 Godess of Destruction
Awakening Process Features of Classes New Mounts for Classes Class CLoaks and NEW GODESS oF Destruction TRAILER May 2011

Lineage 2 Godess of Destruction
Awakening Process , Features of Classes New Mounts for Classes. Class CLoaks and NEW GODESS oF Destruction TRAILER - May 2011 !

Awaken how to proceed :

The quest to awaken a new upper class refers to the former, manifested through an existing 35-class will be changed to 8 classes. To continue to awaken to the first three completed the first job should be to achieve level 85 character. After 85 levels over the fate over to continue the quest, the quest received the power to the giant will awaken.
3rd 8 depending on the nature of the former class to one of the designated class are awakening. For example, the party was in charge of the tanker Hell Knight through practical Siegel Knight Templar quest to awaken the awareness will be. Awareness of the players completing the quest if you are owned by the stone of destiny Siegel night classes in addition to other arousal can do the former when you let go arousal.

lineage 2 godess of destruction adenYou resonate with the ancient giant statues of heroes is complete awakening

Features of class :

When you awaken to the former as a class to use an existing job skills and more effective to acquire new skills are great new. In order to acquire new skills to the SP and skill were used to acquire the skills of existing disappear.
Each sex class to learn the skills specific to the class skill, the skill of the existing and the same effect, although it has a more powerful effect. In addition, the ultimate skill for each class is very strong stocks are 1-2 in the battle is expected to be very useful.


When the awakening of the new features unique to each species can acquire. Certain racial characteristics, manifested in every

lineage 2 godess of destruction adenTyr Warrior's jump attack, leaving a blur flies toward the target

race and at the same time and automatically acquire the skills, according to the classification will be divided into passive and active skills. Depending on the species to acquire new properties, even the same race awareness classes depending on the ability to awaken the class because of the different ethnic characteristics when selecting better to consider in advance.


Critical hits increase and decrease the probability of attack.

Damage, all depends, magic resistance increases.

HP / MP recovery increases.

Poison / bleeding / hold / stun effects and time off will be immune.


Physical / magic critical rate increases.

Bless Water
water attack element power increase,mp regeneration,mental aegis

Increased attack speed and spell speed and movement speed is increased at camp.

Vision Presentation
Physical / magic evasion increases.


bless return, increasing the speed of movement in the normal state (not in a position to fight)

Dark Elves

lineage 2 godess of destruction adenCharacter Information window, click the icon in the class, the class can be changed

Physical / Magical Land will increase critical damage.

Dark Ability
Nightfall STR / INT capacity increases.

Bless Wind
Increase in property damage and wind, wind resistant and jeongsingye resistant properties increases.

Siphon Life
Been given to target certain parts of the United States to absorb their HP.

Death Vision
Fully recovered from the death of the state should be restored to the state.


body resist increase, HP regen

Fire Strength
Increase in fire and property damage, fire resistant properties and resistance all element  increases.

Instantaneous attack rate increases and decreases defense.

Ignoring the damage, making the HP 0,1 time


Battle Instinct
PvP damage increased land and use the skills that MP is consumed is reduced.

Dark Silence
Increase in property damage and dark, dark and silent resistance properties/resistance to terror attacks increase.

Soul Protection
Period of time, defense debuff attack a few times.

Second transformation special pvp


pdef increase, skill dmg increase, earth element attack, body resist increase, reflect dmg, HP regen

Bless Earth
Immunity to physical attacks, increasing physical security, strengthening protection for natural ground attack

Dexter Hospitality
Using skill Additional damage applies to land.

Increase chance craft items

Dual-class or subclass to change the character window by clicking the icon on the registered class can be changed instantly. Once a class change is issued a temporary debuff skills. When playing offense and defense debuff and will weaken, becomes temporarily unable to use the skills, the class will not be able to make changes. All stats debuff disappears, returning to normal.


lineage 2 godess of destruction adenThat's a jump start for moving effect!

After awakening the giant class, thanks to an excellent ability to move beyond time and space jump becomes possible.
Installed throughout the world as a place with a view of origin effects can quickly move to approach the desired area is. Also, by moving the fork to go through the middle of a selection of the root is also available. You can move only by jumping to a 85 to move the level of the new hunting ground.

New mount for class:

Assail Rogue

lineage 2 godess of destruction

lineage 2 godess of destruction


Win Summoner

lineage 2 godess of destruction

lineage 2 godess of destruction

Paired Wizard

lineage 2 godess of destruction

lineage 2 godess of destruction

Class Cloak

When awakening in each class shall be entitled to compensation only the cloak. Awareness classes for each class is given to cloak slightly different appearance.

lineage 2 godess of destruction















lineage 2 godess of destruction