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Light Fragment
Lineage 2 Gracia 2.3 Quest

Light Fragment
Lineage 2 Gracia 2.3 Quest

The Enveloping Darkness Gracia 2.3 Quest

This one-time quest which can be picked up at level 75 starts with Soldier Orbyu in the back part of the Keucereus Alliance Base. This quest is a sequel to "The Enveloping Darkness". Be prepared to spend 2 or 3 weeks for collecting the quest items.

Soldier Orbyu needs to pass on the collected notes you have retrieved from Medival's Corpse to War Mage Artius for further analysis. You can find Artius when you you walk down the steps to the main platform where Admiral Keucereus is standing.

But the real expert on all things to do with the Seed of Destruction is Lelikia, a priest of Shilen who had surrendered during the Gracia War and is now hiding in the inner part of the Alliance Base. You should ask Lelikia about Tiat, the Sorceress of Darkness.Meeting Lelikia is not easy.

First you have to talk to Soldier Jimmy, who is standing behind the fountain on the lower level of the Base, and apply for permission to visit the Shilen Temple. The followers of Shilen have their own temple at the base of the Keucereus Alliance. But of course this is highly inofficial. Jimmy, who has financial problems at the moment, makes use of his privileged position to extort some extra money from you; only after you give him 10,000 adena he will teleport you to the secret room.

Lelikia gives you some vague and ambiguous explanations about the weak point of Tiat. Go back to Artius and ask him to interpret the obscure words of the Shilen priest.

The Enveloping Darkness Gracia 2.3 Quest

When you convey to Artius what Lelikia told you, the Elf knows immediately what needs to be done: for attacking Tiat at his weak point you must first of all kill the Dragon Horse Soldiers stationed in the Seed of Destruction; they carry on them Destroyed Darkness Fragment Powder and you have to collect 100 units of that substance.

Collecting 100 units of Fragment Powder in one go is a bit difficult. Even though you get the substance from all the monsters in the Seed of Destruction, you will have to do the instance 4-6 times.

When you have 100 units of Darkness Fragment Powder, carry them to Artius. In a next step the substance must be converted into Light Fragment Powder, and for this conversion process a divine force is needed. North of Elven Village, in the Shadow of the Mother Tree, it is possible to convert the Darkness Fragment Powder into divine material.

Travel first by Shuttle Airship to the Gludio Airship Port, then onwards to Elven Village. In the area marked on the screenshot, directly under the Mother Tree, the conversion process works.

Then return to Gracia and bring War Mage Artius the 100 units of Light Fragment Powder. The Elf tells you that Lekon, a very talented Dwarven engineer, has the skill to solidify the Powder. Go bring Lekon the white substance.

The Enveloping Darkness Gracia 2.3 Quest

Lekon takes the Powder and makes from it a Sacred Fragment of Light, an item that can neither be traded nor dropped. Return to Artius and ask him what to do with this thing.

Artius will explain to you how the Sacred Fragment of Light is used. When you are in Tiat's throne room, target the Boss and double-click on the Fragment.

This will inflict a heavy blow to Tiat. What Artius does not say is that Tiat, Commander in Chief of the Dragon Horse Army, has a special skill. When you have brought down his HP to 50%, he will shout for his soldiers to come out and then suddenly recover all 100% of his HP.

At precisely this moment, when he shouts for his soldiers at HP 50%, you must use the Fragment of Light, together with any Stun skills you may have available, to stop Tiat from recovering his HP. And keep in mind that this "light bomb" can only be used once.

Apart from the super weapon, Artius will reward you with 556,980 adena, 1,009,016 exp and 91,363 SP.






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