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Instances - Raid Bosses Wallkthrough
Path To Hellbound
Raid Boss Tears (Water based), Raid Boss Kenchi (Fire based), Raid Boss Damael (Dark based), Raid Boss Baylor, Coral Garden, Emerald Garden, Steam Corridor

Instances - Raid Bosses Wallkthrough
Path To Hellbound
Raid Boss Tears (Water based), Raid Boss Kenchi (Fire based), Raid Boss Damael (Dark based), Raid Boss Baylor, Coral Garden, Emerald Garden, Steam Corridor

instances island of prayer baylor kenchi damael coral garden emerald garden instances lineage 2

First of all you need to take the quest. It’s called “Bird in the Cage”, you can take it only if you are 78 lvl or higher at NPC Kanis (X=43, Y=56.5).

The quest should be done in Crystal Caverns (it’s located in the center of the island, under the water where Parnassus is). In brief the quest is about killing 3 Raid Bosses and Baylor.

You can enter to the Raid boss room only once a day, i.e. you can’t kill a RB and then go kill another one in 5 hours.

In order to enter Crystal Caverns every party member has to have a Contaminated Crystal.

You can obtain it by doing a little instance. It’s called Dark Mansion, and it’s located on the small island (X=41, Y=53.7). The instance should be done only duo, multiple couples can enter at once.

1. Dark mansion.

A party leader (a party must consist of 2 members) must talk to the NPC, then port in the room. Kill 2 mobs and go further. Kill all the mobs along the perimeter of the square (4 corners with 2 mobs in each).

Then the door to the room #1 will open, walk in and kill all the mobs, then talk to the cup that will appear and walk out. Kill all the mobs along the perimeter of the room once again -> door to the room #2 will open.

Talk to the statues then mobs will appear, talk to the statues again so they will start glowing blue (they will “close”) then the cup will appear. I was always doing clicking the statues randomly and it always worked out for me. Talk to the cup and walk out. Kill all the mobs one more time -> a door to the room #3 will open. In the room you will find horse statues, something like chess.

The next cup is behind those statues. The system is rather simple – kill the statues, if its HP wont drop hit the next one. Sometimes 1-2 mobs might get out of the statue, but its ok, kill them too. In the end you must get to the cup.

Shooting at all statues is not advised too much mobs + debuffs will appear. It might be hard to target those statues sometimes, but overall it’s not that hard. Talk to the cup and mobs will respawn in room #4. Kill them and open the door to the room #5.

Walk in. Sometimes it happens that it’s impossible to talk to the cup. In order to fix it you must kill the statues next to the cup, and then everything would be ok.

There are 7 mobs in this room you have to guess the 3 right mobs in a row. If the mob is guessed right he will say something like “Good job” and disappear.

If the mob is guessed wrong he will agro you, you need to kill it and then all the 7 mobs will appear again. It’s a kind of a riddle.
There is no system in it, you can hit the same mobs all over again or just hit them randomly.

After you have guessed the 3 mobs in a row a cup will appear. Everyone must talk to it, it will give the Contaminated Crystal.
There is a lot of text but after a couple of tries it will go fast and easy.

After every party member has obtained the Contaminated Crystal you may start thinking about going to Crystal Caverns.
In order to get there go the center of the island, where Parnassus is. The port place is under the water.

A party leader should talk to the NPC and the party will be ported in. There are NPC and a couple of passages inside

A party leader talks to the NPC and chooses the Raid Boss.

Coral Garden is the Raid Boss Tears, Emerald Garden & Steam Corridor Raid Boss Damel can be found and Raid Boss Kenchi. Now lets talk about these bosses.

1. Raid Boss Tears (Water based)

In order to pass this mini location you have to do some arrangements before going there.

Items that are needed: ~20Crystal Fragments, Water Dragon Scales, Water Potions.

The fragments are obtained by killing chests under the water in the very same place where Crystal Caverns are.

In order to obtain those fragments you should buff Kiss of Eva, otherwise the drop chance will be close to zero: with the buff every chest will drop the fragment.

Red Corals can also be obtained from these chests, you will need them for another RB.
It’s enough that only 1 party member will have the fragments, but everybody should have Water Dragon Scale, this item is needed to kill the boss. It’s desirable that everybody should have 2 Scales in case of a fail (I will talk about this later).
The item drops from a Water Dragon.

Go to Chromatic Highlands, there is a house to the right – the most safe place to farm scales. Get buffs and agro the nearest dragon, kill him and his guards. Then another dragon will appear.

Respawning mobs will drop the item Spirit of the Lake – this item is needed to heal the dragon, because its HP will start to drop as soon as he respawns. Target the dragon, use the item -> the dragon is healed. Keep killing mobs/healing the dragon for 5-7 minutes. After that he will disappear and drop an item(s).

It could be Water Dragon Scale or Water Dragon Claw or both. The looting system should be set to Finders Keepers so that everybody should pick up an item. The Claw is needed to kill Baylor, you will need to farm it also, and its drop rate is lower than Scales. As soon as every party member will have the Scale you can go on a RB.

In order to get to Tears you have to choose Coral Garden at the NPC. Walk in. There is a little round room and a couple of rooms smaller, every one with mobs in it. Mobs are hitting hard, almost all attacks of them are water based. They can crit so don’t forget to use Water potions and be aware. It’s better to lure mobs one by one and slowly walk round the circle. Or you can die. After you have killed all mobs in all rooms 2 mobs will respawn in the round room. These mobs should be lured to the little deepening in front of each mob.

Drop fragments one by one before the mob, he will walk to them and eat them -> you must lure it like that to the deepening. It must stand completely in the circle on the floor, if a blue animation will appear – everything is ok. Estimate the fragments you need to lure mobs, don’t drop more than 1 – mobs are not that smart. When the both mobs are lured to the deepening the door to the boss will open. It is situated in the end of those 2 rooms where you have killed the mobs. The boss is located there.

The boss is not that hard overall, but there are some tricks. Put Water Dragon Scales on the hotbar so you wont search it in an inventory.

Get buffed, use Water potions and start to kill it. The boss will use Freezes from time to time.

The player affected won’t be able to do anything for 5 seconds, it’s not that scary. After some time 10 more bosses will respawn. Don’t be afraid these are fake bosses. They hit weak and the main idea is to distract you. You need to guess “your” boss.

The right boss hits much hard than the fake ones. After you have guessed the right boss just start shooting at him, fakes will disappear in 5-7 seconds. That will happen a few times.

Closer to the end (boss HP =~10-15%) the boss will become invincible. You can’t damage it, all the attacks are blocked. It’s removed like this – as soon as you have understood that the boss is in UD stop shooting and kiting it.

Target the boss and walk to it (I remind you that everybody must have Water Dragon Scale on their hotbars). On the leaders command everybody must click the Scale SIMULTANEOUSLY, animation will appear and UD will be removed. Now you can finish the boss.

Upon killing it every party member receives a Clear Crystal. You can SoE now.

2. Raid Boss Kenchi (Fire based).

You have to do the Dark Mansion instance once again. Without a Contaminated Crystal you won’t be able to port in.
Everything is way simpler with this boss.
Items needed: 2-3 Red Coral for each member

Corals are obtained in the same place where Crystal Fragments are obtained. (Don’t forget about Kiss of Eva buff)
After you have done Mansi on and obtained Corals you can swim to the next boss.

Choose the Emerald Garden & Steam Corridor option at the NPC. Port in and walk to the room. In the room to the left and to the right there are big doors and two narrow passages at both sides of the room. The room to the left is for Damel RB and the right one for Kenchi RB. A bit clearer on the picture:

In every passage there are mobs and in the end a Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper drops a key for the door. You can have both keys at once because once you have killed a gatekeeper another one will disappear.

The left gatekeeper drops the key for the left door, the right for the right one. We need Kenchi so we go to the right corridor, kill the gatekeeper, take the key, go to the door, target the door, double click on the key and walk in.

This location is made of a few corridors in the end of each you have to choose the right statue. Walk accurately without any rush. You have plenty of time and Corals provide you with additional time. You don’t need to use them just keep them in the inventory.

The right Statue order is: 2 - 4 – 3. Now you have passed the first corridor and you can see that 4 statues have appeared in the end of the corridor. A healer must target the second statue to the left and heal it till its HP is full (takes about 10 Major heals). Once you have healed it the other statues will disappear.

A party leader should talk to the statue and it will port you in the next corridor. The difficulty of the corridors goes up. Now in the end of the corridor a healer must heal the 4th statue to the left (or the very right one).

The next corridor – heal the 3rd statue to the left (the very right one).

The last corridor is the hardest, mobs hit hard with AoE. Try to lure them one by one and proceed carefully. In the end you will see 1 statue that will port you to the boss. It is advisable to regen before port. Don’t forget about Fire Potions.

The boss is quite easy itself. But there is a trick. After some time guards will appear in the room. There are 10-15 mobs that will start running and hitting. You must kill them and then continue with killing the boss. Ideally you must kill the boss the second respawn of the guards. If you fail you will have to kill the guards again and with every new wave it will spawn faster and faster.

If you won’t kill the guards and will just shoot at the boss a new wave of guards very fast, and if you fail to kill the guards you will be swarmed with mobs. After the boss is dead the guards won’t disappear (if you haven’t killed them)! So if there are a lot of guards and you already have Red Crystal you can easily do PR.

3. Raid Boss Damael (Dark based)

It’s presumed that every party member should have Clear Crystal and Red Crystal.
As you can see, after each boss is dead a statue appears. It can port you to Baylor only if ever party member has all 3 crystals (Clear, Red and Blue).
Actually after you have killed the 3rd boss you can port to Baylor.
So you need to do the Dark Mansion instance once again because they won’t let you in without Contaminated Crystal.
Items needed: Water Dragon Claws, Race Keys (3 or better 6) and Dark potions.

I have told you about the Claws already (see Tears RB) – this item is needed to kill Baylor and every party member must have it (same as Scale).
In order to obtain Race keys you must do a little quest. You can take at the NPC near the house #1, see the picture.

In order to do this quest it’s desirable to have a BD and a summoner. The quest is all about running from one house to another. You must kill 3 mobs in each house in 30 minutes and come back to the starting point (the house #1). You should kill mobs fast and if they won’t drop the item you must kill them even faster as they respawn. I think you will sort out how to do it; a summoner should be left at the house #1 in order that DD won’t run from the 4th house to 1st. It is desirable to do the quest twice. Only 1 person may have the quest – once you have taken it you must wait 30 minutes to take it once again.
After you have obtained the keys and Water Dragon Claws you can go to Crystal Caverns. Don’t forget to take Clear and Red crystals with you.

Port inside, choose the Emerald Garden & Steam Corridor option at the NPC, enter, kill the left gatekeeper, pick up the key, open the door and walk in.

This location is a big nice cave with 5 doors in it. 3 of them can be opened with a Race key, 4th leads to the boss and in order to open the last one you will need to disarm a trap.
In order to open a door you don’t need to use the key on it. Better don’t run near the door especially if you have keys. The one who have keys must move to the door nice and slowly till he steps on an invisible plate.

As soon as you have stepped on the right place the door will open and a key will disappear. You can move from this place! Or the door will close. Just stand still till your party walks inside, kills all the mobs and walks out. Only then you can move from the plate.

That’s why I have told you that it’s better to have 6 keys instead of 3 because if your ass itches to run around 3 keys definitely won’t be enough for you.

So, continue with the walkthrough. Mobs are easy, kill all the mobs till the descending to the right. After you have killed all the mobs a single mob will appear – kill it and a mini boss will appear, he is easy.

Kill him and his guards. There are 2 doors to the left. Behind the first one is the NPC that can trade you the shards for S80 parts and recipes. In order to open this door you must use a dagger skill Detect trap and then Remove trap.

Inside there are mobs and the NPC – kill the mobs, look what the NPC has to offer you and walk out. Then the one who has the Race keys walks slowly to the door until he steps on another invisible plate and the door opens. As soon as the door is opened he must till the party walks in, kills the mobs and walks out. Only then he can move from the plate.

Kill all the mobs near the descending, a mob with minions will appear - kill it. Do the same with the next 2 rooms. The one with the keys finds the right place, the party walks in, kills the mobs and then walks out. After you have killed all the mobs a door in the far right corner will appear. This door leads to the boss.
The boss is easy. There are a lot of traps inside the room a dagger can detect them but since the floor is all covered with these traps no matter where you will stand you will be surrounded by these traps. You can’t remove them even with a dagger skill because they will respawn again. While you are killing the boss the traps will blow up and hit you with AoE damage. With Dark potions and\or Divine protection there it’s no big deal.

The boss uses AoE paralyze it will land from time to time but it can be removed with normal means. You can stand in the circle in the center of the room and healers can stay away from the boss just on the safe side. Or don’t kite it, just stand on the one side of the circle and put healers on the opposite side and everything is going to be ok.

After the boss is dead everyone receives Blue Crystal. In the end every party member must have 3 crystals (if you haven’t forgotten it in the WH). Then the statue will appear that will port you to Baylor. A party leader should talk to it. If you have all the crystals then regen, buff and port. After the port a randomly chosen crystal will disappear at every party member.

3.1 Raid Boss Baylor

Everything starts with a cool animation. Then start killing it. Overall it’s pretty the same all the time. Don’t forget to kill Alarm devices that will appear near you and use MP elixirs as soon they are reused.

First guard respawn will be easy. When Baylor is at 30% of its HP it will start using UD but its temporary not the permanent one like Tears do. I.e. it will fade away in time. But don’t spend Claws now just hit him a bit more.

When 20-25% of its HP will remain Baylor will UD more often and its time to get ready to use Claws. The scheme is the same as with Tears -> target the boss walk close to it and click in the Claw (of course don’t forget to put it on the hotbar).

When UD is gone you just have to finish the beast. After the boss is dead a chest will appear (never dropped anything in our case) kill him and if you are lucky enough you might be able to get something from it (assuming it actually drops anything).

Also a statue will appear. Talk to it and it will port you to Parme.

Talk to him and he will give you the letter that you need to bring to Kanis (the NPC you have started the quest with). Go to Kanis and talk to him he will say something about Gludio but you don’t need to go there. Just take the second quest at Kanis and go to Heine.

In Heine walk to the Warpgate and talk to the NPC nearby.Iit’s no difference what to choose while talking to him. Give the crystals you have left to the NPC so you will “feed” the portal with it.

It’s done in the way that even if you have done the quest you can’t port to Hellbound right away. You need to get a lot of crystals (every crystal equals to some amount of points) to open the gate. Well never mind it because we have opened the gate already. Not without a help of a couple of enemy parties that also have the quest done.


The long way to Hellbound is over. New quests and grinding are coming ahead.



P.S. While doing the quests crit errors may occur. After a disconnect or a crit error you will log under the water at the NPC. If a person disconnects on the boss you may be able to kill the boss but the disconnected person won’t recieve a crystal. You can't enter the boss again. If you will disconnect during mobs killing you may port in again and run to your party. I’m not sure about Kenchi if you can port through the corridors to your party since we never had disconnects on this boss. If you only had 1 Scale/Claw and somebody was too stupid you won’t be able to remove the UD and you can start crying because you will have to do this location one more time. So it’s better to get 2 Scales and 2 Claws for everyone.


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