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Gracia Weapons & Armors

Wondering how to get your hands on
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Rapiers, Ancient Weapons, Bow-Guns,
Dynasty Weapons and Armor, Dynasty
set bonuses and much more
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Quick Walkthrough

Hellbound Quick Walkthrough

Hellbound Map With NPC NAMES Quick Walkthrough

In order to talk with the different NPCs on Hellbound you will need to earn trust points and Caravan Certificates. There are 3 kinds of Caravan Certificates you can earn on Hellbound. If you do not have the proper certificate, or don't have the proper trust level the NPCs will tell you that you are not trustworthy enough to talk with them.

Trust Points
Trust is the level of trust you have earned with the Natives on Hellbound. You earn this trust by killing the mobs on Hellbound.
Do not kill the Natives, this will earn you negative trust.

To find out how much trust you have earned type .trust.
A Neutral trust level means you have not earned any trust. (0 trust points)

Darion Badges:
Needed to purchase a Native Set, Basic Caravan Certificate or Holy Water.
Also tradeable with Hude for random materials (Adamantine, Orichalcum and Leonards, must have Standard Caravan Certificate)

Drop from mobs on Hellbound

Ancient Tome of the Demon:
Needed to purchase Dynastic Essence.
Open them up to acquire Hidden pages and Demon Contracts:
Used to purchase Dynasty Recipes and Materials (Must have Premium Caravan Certificate to trade)

Stingers of Scorpion:
Needed to acquire Standard Caravan Certificate and Magic Bottles

Drop from Desert Scorpions and Sand Scorpions (Found in the area between Hidden Oasis and Caravan Encampment.)

Marks of Betrayer:
Needed to acquire Standard Caravan Certificate

Drop from Wandering Caravans (Found in the area between Hidden Oasis and Caravan Encampment.)

Life Force:
Needed to acquire Premium Caravan Certificate.

Obtained by killing Chimera in the Battered Lands using Magic Bottles. For each 5 Life Forces you need to have a Magic Bottle.

Contained Life Force:
Needed to acquire Premium Caravan Certificate.

Obtained by killing Celtus. He is in the Battered Lands with the Chimera. He spawns once every 20 minutes.
He drops 5 Contained Life Forces. He is like a Mini Raid boss, be prepared.

Magic Bottle:
Needed to Collect Life Forces.

Acquire at Keif near Hidden Oasis (not far from Falk)
20 Scorpion Stingers (each bottle)
Standard Caravan Certificate

Holy Water:
Needed to Kill Remnant Diabolist and Remnant Diviner at the Ancient Temple.
When their HP reaches 0, use the holy water on them.
Unlimited use.

Acquire at Bernarde near Hidden Oasis (not far from Falk)
5 Darion Badges

Dynastic Essence:
Needed to exchange Dynasty Armor top for one with an armband.

Acquire at Legendary Blacksmith Shadai
432 Ancient Tome of the Demon

Basic Caravan Certificate:
This is the first Caravan Certificate you can earn. This allows you to talk with Hude.

Acquire at Falk near the Hidden Oasis.
300,000 trust
20 Darion Badges

Native Set:
Needed to transform into a Native.

Acquire at Buron near the Gatekeeper (where you port in)

300,000 trust
30 Darion Badges
Basic Caravan Certificate

Put the set on, and you will get a new skill. Use that skill to transform to a Native.
Use the untransform skill to return to normal. Skill reuse time is 1 hour.

Standard Caravan Certificate:
Second Caravan Certificate you can earn, owning this allows you to acquire the Caravan's Secret Remedy, aka Sunblock from Hude.
It also allows you to trade with Hude for materials (Orichalcum, Adamantine, Leonards)

Acquire at Hude near the Caravan Encampment.
Basic Caravan Certificate
Transformed to a Native (use Native Set)
60 Stingers of Scorpion
20 Marks of Betrayer

Premium Caravan Certificate:
Final Caravan Certificate allows you to trade with Hude for Dynasty Armor Recipes and Mats

Acquire at Hude near Caravan Encampment.
Standard Caravan Certificate
Transformed to a Native (use Native Set)
20 Contained Life Forces
80 Life Forces
1,000,000 trust

Basic Caravan Certificate
A certificate of friendship with Caravans

Give 20 Darion Badges to NPC Falk at the Hidden Oasis. Darion Badges drop from nearly any mob on Hellbound in different quantities.

Tailor Buron (the Native NPC at the portin) will now exchanges 30 Darion Badges into Native Tunic, Native Pants and Native Helmet. Wearing these clothes transforms you into a native.

Standard Caravan Certificate
A certificate of business relations with Caravans.

Give 30 Mark of Betrayal (drop from Wandering Caravan in the Sand Swept Dunes) and 60 Scorpion Poison Stingers (drop from the Sand and Desert Scorpion) to Hude at the Caravan Encampment.

Purchase Caravaner’s Remedy from the caravan trader for 25k adena each. This can cool down the heat of the Desert. The Effect lasts 60minutes.

Premium Caravan Certificate
A certificate indicating a unique friendship with Caravans

Purchase a Magical Bottle (that can hold the Chimera’s magic power) from Kaif at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers. Use the Magical Bottle on Chimera’s with less than 10% HP to collect their Life Force.

Collect 80 Life Force from regular Chimeras and 20 Contained Life Forces from Celtus. Celtus spawns every 2-4 Hours at the Battered Land . Once handed over to Caravan Trader Hude at the Caravan Encampment you have gained Premium Caravan Certificate.

Hude will now exchange Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages and Demon Contracts into S80 Armor / Jewelry Reciepes and Materials.

Click here to see the S80 Dynasty Recipes and Parts