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Ertheia Dimensional Strangers
The New Lineage 2 Add-On

Who are the Ertheia?


After 7 Years a new race is beeing introduced, the Ertheia. The official name of the chronicle is The Epic Tale of Aden - Strangers from another Dimension. The test client allready launched in Korea, as you can see we included lots of videos in game and trailers in this article.

There are 2 classes for now, and both Females only, allthough in client there is room for two more, makeing us believe the developers intend to introduce something more.

The Lore regarding the Ertheia

Sayha instilled the spirit of wind into the fourth form. This is how the race of Ertheia was created.
The winged race of arteias was freedom-loving and possessed undying curiosity. Giants wanted to capture and subjugate the free-flying creatures, but as soon as an arteia was locked up in a cage, it quickly lost its strength and died. Giants were left with no choice but to allow the arteias to fly free. The arteias visited the city of giants to give them news from other parts of the world. The elves decided to seek help from the race of the wind - the arteias. Their reconnaissance skills and aerial attacks would be sufficient aid for the elves to triumph over the orcs. An elven delegation traveled to the ends of the earth to seek the help of the arteias.

"Race of the wind, come to our aid! The barbarian orcs are oppressing us with their sheer might. Let us join together and teach them their foolishness!" 

But, as always, the arteias were not interested in the politics or wars of the earth. They determined to take neither side and hid themselves deeper in the inlands. The elves despaired.

Turned down by the pragmatic Dwarves and neutral Arteias, the Elves were left with no allies to wage war against the orcs. You can read more about it here.

Boss: Demon Prince

lineage 2 demon prince tower of infinitum

He is the head of the monsters who are guarding the Tower of Infinitum at Darion's order; in the realm of demons he counts as a high ranking noble.
Players can encounter the Demon Prince when moving from the fourth floor to the fifth floor. In the area where the Demon Prince resides, players must avoid being in non-combat status for a longer time, or the entire group might be teleported back to fourth floor. When the Boss is there, attack him at once to avoid being teleported back; when the Boss has not yet spawned, you have all the time in the world.

The Demon Prince will use his Ultimate Defense skill when his HP decreases. Thereupon he will summon a self-exploding monster called Fiend that creates quite some damage over the area around it. The Demon Prince will use the skill Imbue Dark Seed, which causes one’s HP to decrease immediately. This debuff can cause great harm if it is not removed. However, it can be removed with Cleanse or Cure Dark Seed.
A Teleportation Cubic will appear that teleports the players to floor six after the Demon Prince is defeated.


Boss: Ranku

lineage 2 ct ranku tower of infinitum

A monster summoned by Beleth at the same time as Darion, according to a contract the content of which seems to be related to the invasion of Hellbound by Beleth.
Players can encounter Ranku when moving from the ninth floor to the tenth floor. You must avoid being in non-combat status for long in the area where Ranku appears, or the entire group might be teleported back to the ninth floor. There is the same rule as before: When the Boss is there, attack him at once to avoid being teleported back; when the Boss has not yet spawned, you have all the time in the world.

Ranku will appear together with four minions - Ranku’s Scapegoats. After the battle starts, the HP of Ranku’s Scapegoats will decrease constantly (similar to the Transfer Pain skill of summoners). When Ranku’s Scapegoats die, a monster called Eidolon will appear. Its Dark-backed P.Atk., especially at close distance, is very high, so it’s necessary to maintain Ranku’s Scapegoats’ HP while attacking Ranku. However, the number of Ranku’s Scapegoats will start to increase after some time, so players need to kill Ranku before that.
(On Taiwan servers we encountered no increase in the number of Ranku’s Scapegoats - it stayed at four).
The Transportation Cubic that appears after Ranku’s defeat will teleport the players to the exit of the Tower of Infinitum.

These two Raid Bosses are not really dangerous and can be defeated by moderately strong players. The problem here are the minions. The Demon Prince’s minion, the Fiend, causes high damage when it explodes; the Healer(s) of the party should pay attention to their team mates' HP bar. When fighting Ranku, one or two Healers should pay attention to the Scapegoats’ HP - don’t let them die. It’s actually very easy to fight your way through the Tower of Infinitum; only one person is needed to attack a monster. Also remember to pick up the quest "Matra’s Curiosity" from the Dwarf of that name at the oasis behind the Outer Gate of the Steel Citadel. If you can obtain the two blueprints from Demon Prince and Ranku and bring them Matras, you won’t need to fight your way through the Tower of Infinitum a second time. Instead you can search out the NPC Deltuva (located in front of a cave directly after entering Steel Citadel’s Outer Gate and going to the left) and teleport directly into Tully's Workshop.