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Ertheia Epic Tale of Aden Dimensional Strangers
The New Lineage 2 Add-On

Who are the Ertheia?


Ertheia First Teaser Trailer

After 7 Years a new race is beeing introduced, the Ertheia. The official name of the chronicle is The Epic Tale of Aden - Strangers from another Dimension. The test client allready launched in Korea, as you can see we included lots of videos in game and trailers in this article.

There are 2 classes for now, and both Females only, allthough in client there is room for two more, makeing us believe the developers intend to introduce something more.

The Lore regarding the Ertheia

Sayha instilled the spirit of wind into the fourth form. This is how the race of Ertheia was created.
The winged race of arteias was freedom-loving and possessed undying curiosity. Giants wanted to capture and subjugate the free-flying creatures, but as soon as an arteia was locked up in a cage, it quickly lost its strength and died. Giants were left with no choice but to allow the arteias to fly free. The arteias visited the city of giants to give them news from other parts of the world. The elves decided to seek help from the race of the wind - the arteias. Their reconnaissance skills and aerial attacks would be sufficient aid for the elves to triumph over the orcs. An elven delegation traveled to the ends of the earth to seek the help of the arteias.

"Race of the wind, come to our aid! The barbarian orcs are oppressing us with their sheer might. Let us join together and teach them their foolishness!" 

Ertheia In Game Trailer

But, as always, the arteias were not interested in the politics or wars of the earth. They determined to take neither side and hid themselves deeper in the inlands. The elves despaired.

Turned down by the pragmatic Dwarves and neutral Arteias, the Elves were left with no allies to wage war against the orcs. Fairy King Ophelius is leading his people to Magmeld to prevent them from becoming completely wiped out by Fairy Dust hunters, King Zephyron leads the Ertheias to the Fairy World so that they don't have to deal with the Elf-Orc conflict, trying to avoid a split and civil war between the Spikenards and the Half Ertheias. The latter eventually happened anyway when part of the Spikenard Ertheias could not stand being ruled by the Half-Ertheia Serenia and proclaimed Benir the Khan as the only rightful King.
You can read more about it here.

About the Ertheia Classes

Ertheia WIzard
Hydro Attack (하이드로 어택): Launches a sphere of lightning and wind at a target, dealing damage with 227 power added to M. Atk and applying Sign of Storms. Subjects affected by a debuff take an additional 10% damage. Usable with Sword/Blunt
Hydro Flare (하이드로 플레어): Removes the Sign of Storm to deal damage with 683 power added to M. Atk. Only available at Sign of Storm Lv. 3. Has a chance to apply Sign of Storm Lv. 4. Hydro Flare can be used on targets affected by Sign of Storm Lv. 4 without any conditions (doesn't remove the sign I guess?). Subjects affected by a debuff take and additional 10% damage. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Assimilate (어시멀레이트): Transforms into wind for 10s. While affected, speed is increased by 100. When normal attacks or attack skills are used, the assimilation effect is removed. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Superior Blunt Weapon Mastery (슈페리얼 블런트 웨폰 마스터리): When equipped with a Blunt weapon, increases M. Atk. by 40% and and additional 1727, Casting Spd. by 30%, M. Crit. Rate by 10% and M. Crit. Dmg. by 10%. Applies Sign of Storms when using Hydro Attack. When using Hydro Flare applies Sign of Storms Lv. 4 with a 33% chance. When using Execution of Sayha applies Sign of Storms Lv. 3.
Superior Robe Mastery (슈페리얼 로브 마스터리): When wearing a robe, increases P. Def. by 1601, M. Def. by 5% and an additional 1496, Magic Attack Resistance by 35%. Due to reliance on wind for movement, cannot wear shield/sigil.
Superior Quick Recovery (슈페리얼 퀵 리커버리): Increases Max HP by 4891, Max MP by 568 and MP recovery bonus by 11. Decreases magic skill reuse delay by 30% and MP consumption by 7%.
Sign of Storms (싸인 오브 스톰): Due to the power of the storm, M. Def. is decreased by 30% and speed by 70. (Same for the first 3 levels, Lv.4 is -50% M. Def. and -100 speed)(This is the debuff that gets applied and levels up by various skills one lvl at a time unless noted otherwise)(Lv. 4 may or may not be only available only when a skill applies it directly)

Manus (메너스)
Hydro Strike (하이드로 스트라이크): Uses the strength of storms to attack a target with 563 power added to M. Atk., putting the target for 5 seconds into a prison of wind, making it lose its mind. (decreases mental resistance or yoke maybe? But there's no special debuff that is linked to this skill) (대상을 5초간 바람 감옥에 가둬서 정신을 잃게 만든다). Only usable while transformed into wind (I guess while under Assimilate)(바람에 동화된 상태에서만 사용 가능). Usable with Sword/Blunt
Air Rush (에어 러시): Spreads wings of wind to fly towards the target and drop with 456 power added to M. Atk. Subjects affected by a debuff take an additional 10% damage. Removes Sign of Storms to deal additional damage. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Storm Eye (스톰 아이): For 30s increases M. Crit. Rate by 100%, P. Def./M. Def by 30%, Knockback/Knockdown/Pull/Yoke/Hate resistance by 90 and decreases magic skill MP consumption by 50%. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Ultimate Squall (얼터미트 스콜): Removes debuffs and for 10min receive the protection of wind, reducing P./M. Crit Dmg. taken by 15%. Attackers are with a certain probability struck by lightning (일정 확률로 대상에게 번개를 떨어트린다). Further increases speed by 7.
Superior Ability (슈페리얼 어빌리티): Increases INT by 16. Additionally, there is a chance the Cooldown of skills will reset or the duration double depending on your INT.

Storm Manus (스톰 메너스)
Hydro Drain (하이드로 드레인): Removes Sign of Storms to deal damage with 526 power added to M. Atk and recovers 50% of damage done as HP. Available at Sign of Storms Lv. 3. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Wind Temptation (윈드 템프테이션): Blows a captivating wind, forcing the target to come closer for 5s. (매혹의 바람을 날려 5초간 대상을 강제로 자신 방향으로 다가오게 한다.) Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Threatening Wind (스레트닝 윈드): Sends the wind to a target, applying Sign of Storms Lv. 3
Deception Blink (디셉션 블링크): Attacks nearby enemies with 133 Power added to M. Atk., inflicting Stun and canceling their targets. Teleports you backwards. Applies Sing of Storms Lv.1 to enemies.
Superior Resist Attributes (슈페리얼 레지스트 어트리뷰트): Increase resistance to Wind and Holy attributes by 30.
Superior Trait Resistance (슈페리얼 트레이트 레지스턴스): Increase resistance to Hold/Mental/Pull/Hate by 30.

Sayha Seer (사이하즈 시어)
Seer Aura (시어 오라): Grants Seer Force to party members, increasing M. Crit. Chance by 1% (the fighter has an aura in files also, but not mentioned in notes, oversight? It should give 1% P. skill crit rate)
Potential magic (포텐셜 매직): Increases maximum M. Crit. Rate (Why didn't they do this for other races/stats that reach a cap much easier...)
Execution of Sayha (익스큐션 오브 사이하): Use Sayha's power to attack a target with 729 power added to M. Atk., for 10s reducing their Atk./Cast speed by 30% and speed by 180. Applies Sign of Storms Lv. 3. Subjects affected by a debuff take an additional 10% damage. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
God of Storm (갓 오브 스톰): Summons a storm of the wind god Sayha. Lightning strikes down nearby enemies with 448 power added to M. Atk. and and confines them within a whirlwind for 5s (5초간 폭풍에 구속시킨다). Subjects affected by a debuff take an additional 10% damage.
Fury of Sayha (퓨리 오브 사이하): For 30s reduces P./M. Crit. Dmg. taken by 50% and increases speed by 50. Enemies attacking you have a chance to have Sign of Storms Lv. 4 applied. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Blessing of Sayha (블레스 오브 사이하): For 30s increases nearby party members' speed by 50 and Knockback/Knockdown/Pull/Yoke/Hate resistance by 50. Usable with Sword/Blunt.
Storm Rage (스톰 레이지): Causes a storm around oneself, attacking nearby enemies with 353 power added to M. Atk. and blowing them away (knockback?)(날려버린다).
Wind Hiding Place (윈드 하이딩 플레이스): Removes debuffs and hides in the wind for 10s, recovering HP and MP. Cannot move while under the effect. ("hiding place", seriously, not hideout or sanctuary or something...)
Headwind (헤드윈드): Switches one's own location with the location of the target (대상과 자신의 위치를 바꾼다) 
Illusion Wind (일루젼 윈드): Removes debuffs and cannot be targeted for 10s.


New Race Stats

lineage 2 ct ranku tower of infinitum

1) LUCK - symbol of good luck in game effects used in a variety of factors. The main effect is as follows:
- Item Enchantment, production, good luck during the workshop 100% chance to trigger successful.
- Using Spoil and Sweeper, chance luck trigger to obtain 2x items.
- When attaced by a deadly attack, chance trigger to avoid the attack.
- When hunting monsters, luck can trigger to let player acquire an additional item.
2) CHARISMA - symbol of the absolute effect of the ability to affect most of the combat skills. The main effect is as follows:
- P. Atk., P. Def., Atk. Spd, M. Atk., M. Def., Cast Spd., Max HP, Max MP, Max CP increases.

STR 89 INT 40
DEX 52 WIT 37
CON 84 MEN 39
LUC 31 CHA 41

STR 37 INT 79
DEX 27 WIT 76
CON 42 MEN 80
LUC 34 CHA 41

There are indeed two new base stats, LUC and CHA (Luck and Charisma). Luck will affect enchantment; crafting, spoil and sweep while Charisma will affect most of fighting stats

Human/Elf : LUC 34 CHA 41
Dark Elf / Orc : LUC 32 CHA 43
Dwarf : LUC 35 CHA 40
Kamael : LUC 33 CHA 42

Those base stats are the same whatever the class

Other Changes

Tyrr Warrior
Guts: HP requirement changed from 60% to 90%, enchantable for Time (2s per enchant) and Decrease penalty (1% per enchant, meaning at +10 you can use at full hp)
Frenzy: HP requirement changed from 60% to 90%
Master Of Force (마스터 오브 포스): Increases the power of energy-consuming skills by 10/15/20% (or it could be the bonus you get per force consumed is increased, not sure)(기력을 소모하는 스킬의 위력이 10% 증가한다)
Dread Roar (드레드 로어): Removes one or more buffs from surrounding enemies. Consumes 10 elemental stones.
Grand Khavatari
Master of Force: Same as the Duelist skill
Force Flash (포스 플래시): Consumes force to attack an enemy with 17348/20033/22717/25700 power added to P. Atk. Power is increased with force consumption, up to 3. Usable with duals/sword/blunt/fists. Over-Hit. Critical.
Berserker Soul (소울 버서커): Increases P. Atk. by 5/7/10% and Crit. Dmg. by 10/12/15%. Increases physical skill MP consumption by 5% and reduces P. Def. by 5%. (I'm not sure they'd make a +- effect passive, so I'll guess this is a toggle, something like the 2nd class has)
Grand Blunt Mastery (그랜드 블런트 마스터리): When equipped with a blunt weapon increases P. Atk. by 21% and Crit. Rate by 60
Power Hammer Crush (파워 해머 크러시): Attacks the target with 18005/22505/27005/30605 power added to P. Atk, ignoring 30% of the target's P. Def and stuns them for 5s. Requires a blunt weapon. Over-hit. Critical.

Sigel Knight
Shield Charge: Increased power 15708 -> 20719 (19844 -> 26714 at +10)
Last Judgment: Increased power 19812 -> 25162 (25007 -> 32444 at +10)
Justice Punishment: Increased power 25884 -> 31903 (31890 -> 40083 at +10)
Shield Impact: Increased power 13997 -> 16653 (18124 -> 22053 at +10)
Knight Frenzy: Removed
Shillien Templar
Lightning Root: Increased power from 22848 -> 25862
Mass Lightning Strike: Increased power 15993 -> 18101
Templar Frenzy (프렛지 오브 템플러): For 1min Physical Skill power +5/7/10/15%, P. Def./M. Def. +50/65/80/100%, Speed +10/20/25/30. When equipped with a sword/blunt Accuracy +4/6/8/10, Atk. Spd. +10/20/25/30%, Crit. Rate +30/40/50/60 and Crit. Dmg. +30/40/50/60%
Phoenix Knight
Riot Shield (라이엇 실드): Attacks the target and surrounding enemies with 17927/18411/18895 power added to P. Atk. and forces a target change (agro without target lock?). Usable with a shield. Consumes 6 elemental stones. Over-hit. Critical.
Paladin Frenzy (프렛지 오브 팰러딘): For 1min P. Def./M. Def +50/70/100/120%, Debuff resistance +10/20/25/30%, Speed +10/20/25/30. When equipped with a sword/blunt Accuracy +4/6/8/10, Atk. Spd. +10/20/25/30%, Crit. Rate +30/40/50/60 and Crit. Dmg. +30/40/50/60%
Hell Knight
Avenger Frenzy (프렛지 오브 어벤져): For 1min P. Atk. +5/7/10/15%, P. Def./M. Def. +50/65/80/100%, Speed +10/20/25/30. When equipped with a sword/blunt Accuracy +4/6/8/10, Atk. Spd. +10/20/25/30%, Crit. Rate +30/40/50/60 and Crit. Dmg. +30/40/50/60%
Shadow Slash (섀도우 슬래시): Attacks the target and surrounding enemies with 33505/34353/35201 power added to P. Atk. and applies knockdown. Consumes 6 elemental stones. Over-hit. (The description mentions panther summoning, so I think this is a panther skill)(암흑의 팬서를 소환해 자신의 주변과 전방의 대상에게 공격력에 추가된 35201의 위력으로 공격하면서 넉다운시킨다.)
Eva's Templar
Guardian Frenzy (프렛지 오브 가디언): For 1min P. Def./M. Def. +50/70/100/120%, Attribute Resistance +10/20/25/30, Speed +10/20/25/30. When equipped with a sword/blunt Accuracy +4/6/8/10, Atk. Spd. +10/20/25/30%, Crit. Rate +30/40/50/60 and Crit. Dmg. +30/40/50/60%
Mass Freezing Strike (매스 프리징 스트라이크): Attacks the target and surrounding enemies with 18151/18641/19131/19131 power added to P. Atk and reduces their movement speed by 100 for 10s. Consumes 6 elemental stones (except at last level apparently).

Othell Rogue
Power Bluff: Reduced duration 5s -> 3s. I can't really understand if anything else changed (적의 등을 보이게 하고 3초 동안 쇼크상태에 빠트린다.)

Yul Archer

Quick Shot: Increased power 23435 -> 30383 (29006 -> 38173 at +10)
Impact Shot: Reduced duration 9s -> 5s, Increased power 14183 -> 29395 (19419 -> 38923)
Quick Fire: Increase duration 20s -> 30s (time enchants are still 1s per +1), Reduced power 200% -> 50%, removed P. Atk penalty.
Yul Trickster
Superior Instinct Mastery: Increased PVP damage bonus 10% -> 15%, added P. Atk bonus 15% (no, I didn't confuse this with the stance)

Wynn Summoner
Arcana/Elemental/Spectral Rage: Increased power 182 -> 227
Link of Arcana/Elemental/Spectral: Increased number of levels 4 -> 5, Reduced bonuses P. Atk 40%/M. Atk 85%/Crit. Rate 40%/Crit. Dmg. 45% -> P. Atk 15%/Crit. Rate 30%/15% Crit. Dmg.
Arcana Lord
Summon Protection Stone: Summons a monument that increases surrounding party members' abilites (like an opposite Death Gate I guess). The buff you get from it lasts 30s. There's 3 buff levels for each level of the skill (think Lightning force form Tyrrs, not sure how you level up the buff though). I'll list just bonuses from the 3 buffs a max lvl protection stone will give out. Increases by 15/17/20% Debuff resistance, 15/17/20% pull resistsance, 15/17/20% knockback/knockdown resistance, 15/17/20% HP/MP recory bonus and reduces the chance to get hit by critical hits (both P. and M.) by 10/12/15%
Elemental Summoner
Summon instant movement portal (서먼 인스턴트 무빙포탈): Huh? (인스턴트 무빙포탈을 소환한다. 소환된 포탈은 30초 동안 유지된다)
Instant movement (인스턴트 무브먼트): Huh? (자신이 소환한 인스턴트 무빙포탈로 즉시 텔레포트 한다.)
Honestly I've no idea what you can do with these 2 skills. Something like summon portal -> go elsewhere -> recall to the portal? But 30s portal duration seems kinda short for that. My other guess would be it's some kind of party summoning mechanic?
Spectral Summoner
Summon Phantom Cross (서먼 팬텀 크로스): Summons a demonic cross that deals damage with 518 power added to M. Atk. and applies a debuff that reduces target's Atk./Cast speed by 30% and speed by 180. (Again I've no clue how this works exactly, guess a death gate on steroids?) (악마의 십자가를 소환하여 마법력에 추가된 518 위력으로 대상과 대상 주변에 강력한 피해를 입힌다. 추가로 대상의 물리/마법공격 속도를 30%, 이동 속도를 180 감소시키는 저주를 건다.)

Iss Enchanter
Superior Sword/Blunt Mastery: Changed bonus P.Atk 235 (flat) -> 20%, removed bonus M. Atk., Increased bonus Atk. Spd 10% -> 20%, Added bonus speed 13, Added bonus Crit. Dmg.15% (enchanting increases P. Atk bonus by 1% per enchant)
Superior Dual Weapon Mastery: Same effect as above
Crippling Attack: Increased power 12020 -> 22200 (15195 -> 28624 at +10)
Shadow Blade: Increased power 13582 -> 22784 (16759 -> 28624 at +10)
Death Strike: Increased power 20727 -> 32887 (26144 -> 42402 at +10)
Battle Melody (배틀 멜로디): For 30min. increase party members' PVP damage by 10%, attack attribute by 10 and MP recovery bonus by 10%. Consumes 10 spirit ore.
Protection Melody (프로텍트 멜로디): For 30min. increase party members' PVP damage resistance by 10%, speed by 4 and HP recovery bonus by 10%. Consumes 10 spirit ore.
Frenzy versions same as above but for clan. (possibly for dominators although it doesn't say explicitly)

Aeore Healer
Dark Blast: Increased power 154 -> 185 (172 -> 206 at +10)
Dark Force: Increased power 113 -> 148 (128 -> 167 at +10)
Resist Attributes(레지스트 어트리뷰트): For 30min increases selected party member's fire/earth/water/wind resistance by 30. Consumes 10 spirit ores.
Eva's Saint
Resist melee weapons (레지스트 니어 웨폰): For 30min increases selected party member's melee damage resistance by 5%. Consumes 10 spirit ores.
Shillien Saint
Resist ranged weapons (레지스트 디스턴트 웨폰): For 30min increases selected party member's ranged damage resistance by 5%. Consumes 10 spirit ores.

Two more levels of the buffslot passive
One more level of the seed talisman (금목의 탈리스만): Increases Max HP/MP/CP by 800, P. Accuracy and M. Accuracy by 2, P. Evasion and M. Evasion by 2, Vampiric Rage by 5%, Atk. Spd. And Casting Spd. By 60, P. Critical Rate by 30, M. Critical Rate by 10, P. Atk. By 638, M. Atk. by 742, Skill Attacks by 5%, Damage Reflect Resistance by 30, P. Def. by 563, M. Def. by 368, STR/INT/CON/MEN/DEX/WIT/CHA/LUC by 2, fixed(?) damage resistance by 10%, decreases MP Consumption for skills by 3% and Skill Cooldown by 3% when equipped. (note: they didn't retroactively added CHA/LUC increases to longing)