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CT 2 Gracia 3 Quest
Aerial Transformations
I Want To Fly Quest

CT 2 Gracia 3
Aerial Transformation
"I Want To Fly"
Lineage 2 Chaotic Throne 2 Gracia Part 3

1) This one-time quest which can be picked up by characters of all races at level 75 starts with Engineer Rekon at the base of the Chrysalis Alliance. Rekon is the NPC marked in red near the fountain.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest
lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

2) First pick the quest "I Want to Fly" (the middle one), then click on "Explain the choices" (the bottommost link). Rekon will tell you that Falcons do powerful damage and are much faster than Owls (if you consider 20% much). However, in close-range attacks picking up the target is a bit difficult (both attacker and prey are moving fast) and in long-range attacks the height is rather diffcult to control. In the case of an Owl long-range attacks are relatively easy to control, but its speed is slower than a Falcon's and because of its weak damage a fight consumes a lot of MP. Here the appearance and stats of a Falcon Aurabird:

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

And here the appearance and stats of an Owl Aurabird. Please note that the Owl's movement speed is only 180, i.e. 40 points lower than a Falcon's.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

Like with all other transformations, only the skills peculiar to the Aerial Transformation can be used. But the transformed character can be buffed with Wind Walk etc. to make things easier. As can be seen from the following screenshot, the Aerial Transformations have basically the stats of a Final Form Kamael (the lvl 75 Flying Final Form that is only available on the continent of Gracia), with the Kamael's movement speed in between Falcon and Owl.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

3) When you are in a transformed state, the "Enter Chat" mode will be automatically activated. Thereby it is possible to control the flight with the keys W (forward), S (suspended), A (turn left), D (turn right), Q (descend) and E (ascend). If you want to communicate via chat while flying, you must press the Enter key to enter text.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

Falcons attack mainly from a distance of 200 with the Energy Flare and Double Flare skills which each need 74 MP and have a power of 4482 and 6723 respectively. This gives Falcons a much higher killing speed than Owls.

Owls have as a unique skill Concentration Energy Source which causes a damage over time and is easy to aim at the enemy from a distance of 900. In other words, while a Falcon Aurabird is an air-melee transformation for World War I-style dogfights, an Owl Aurabird uses ranged attacks.

4) Finally you must choose which transformation you want from Rekon: a Falcon Aurabird (the upper link) or an Owl Aurabird (the one below that). Rekon will give you a Certificate that permits you to enter the Neutral Zone of Gracia. When you have become used to handling the interface and controlling your transformed character in flight, head from the base of the Chrysalis Alliance in a south-south-westerly direction, what in military circles is called "7 o'clock". There you will find flying Vulture Raiders. Kill them until you have 10 Raider's Marks.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

The black wings on the map mark places where aerial battles are going on and minerals can be gathered.

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

Fighter classes will have exhausted their MP after 3 or 4 kills. In that case return to the base of the Chrysalis Alliance to rest or to get a recharge. The quest items from the Vulture Raiders go automatically into your inventory. When you have 10 of them, return to Rekon.

5) Rekon's Certificate was a way for you to come to know and get accustomed to an Aerial Transformation. Now the engineer will hand you an Aurabird Transformation Spellbook as a gift. Double-click the Spellbook and you learn the Transformation with all its associated skills. All Aerial Transformations last for 1 hour and can be reused at any time. Just make sure that you reach a designated landing area - at the base of the Chrysalis Alliance, at the Seed strongholds and in the Rift Valley Battlefield - to renew your transformation.
This is a one-time quest. Rekon's Certificate as well as the link to the quest will vanish. Keep the Spellbook!

lineage 2 ct 2 gracia 3 aerial transformation quest

Learning how to fly is just the beginning. The next step in your training is learning how to gather Starstones. Talk to Rekon again and pick the quest "Let's go Gathering in the Air".

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